40 Second Solo Queue Guide – Dead by Daylight

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seriously, just spread out. its not that complicated.


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  1. Behaviour needs to do a pass over all cooperative perks.

    ie like provethyself shows when your in range. show that for all perks like botany, or hell even spine chill. not saying they should get the effect of these perks. but simply see another survivor has them, ie in the case of spine chill, you'd see why the random fucking nea just books it from the gen at 95% completion.

    I mean, i'd greatly prefer for all perks of teammates to be shown on the hud next to their name. And for killer, all perks that have an active effect to be shown under a survivors name (within reason of course, ie don't show borrowed time, but do show if a perk was used, to allow for tracking simple stuff that can just be memorized, ie if dead hard activates then it shows briefly. etc. when a killer is influenced by it.)

    Hell they could genuinely rework it in a single update. Make all perks that survivors have (for other survivors) show up under their name on the hud. If your being effected by it, it jumps onto your hud under your name with a blue ring around it.
    For killer's, add when your perks have effected a survivor (if and when applicable) And on you, an indicator when your under the influence of a survivor perk. Also simply add any perk with a direct action to it like dead hard, or a decisive strike when used. killer's shouldn't be penalized for wrote memorization of 16 perks across 4 survivors. Nor should they be penalized for things like not remembering who has procc'd sloppy butcher. sure simple in retrospect, but the feedback that the perk (and all perks at that) are actually being used, would be good expecially for newer players getting used to things like basic attacks etc.

  2. So many people in the comments asking what about Prove Thyself… Not only is it better strategically against most killers to split up to prevent snowballing, but Prove Thyself (apart from the BP bonus) only partially counters the built-in efficiency penalty when multiple survivors are repairing together. If there's 2 survivors working on a gen, instead of each one applying 1 charge/second, they apply 0.85 c/s instead. Prove Thyself increases this by 15%, which becomes 0.85 × 1.15 = 0.9775 c/s, which is still less efficient than those 2 survivors working on 2 different generators and progressing the objective faster overall. Of course, this advice only applies in the majority of situations. If there's a nasty 3-gen you want to break early, or if there's only 1 gen left, you can definitely benefit from working together, in which case Prove Thyself helps out a lot.

  3. I would just like to make an announcement here:
    “que” is a Spanish word that translates to “that.” The word in English is spelled either cue (like the thing that tells an actor when to go on stage) or queue (a line or wait). Please stop misspelling it, it drives me insane.

  4. Typically this is true, but idk if this is so true in the current patch; felt like my games were more successful when at least one teammate followed me around for gens, and equally the games I've found hardest as killers where those where survivors stuck together.
    Imo, even more important is identifying the 3 gen, although certain maps if the killer recognises and enforces the 3 gen, there's not much you can do about it.

  5. like unless you have prove thyself, i will leave my gen if you come over to my gen 🤣 i always start repairing the middle gens first, luckily solo survivor avoid doing them for some reason which normally helps keeps them off of me.

  6. exception to me is when killer is running regression based slowdown build. Bring prove thyself, but sometimes you just need to pile up on gens to get them knocked before slowdown and regression perks can be applied a set gens back all the way. sometimes you can quickly finish off a gen together, that otherwise wouldn't be able to complete solo, while the killer is taking a survivor to a scourge hook.


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