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Playing around with some fun addons for Slinger, that reduce his stun duration after survivors break free from his harpoon. This combo can basically replace STBFL, as it effectively does the same thing without the use of a perk slot.

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31 thoughts on “Forget STBFL, Run These Addons Instead | Dead by Daylight Killer Builds”

  1. OhToFu, man, I like your videos but you did these builds absolutely no justice. This will be used as an example of how bad Deathslinger is even though you rate him top ten. Can you learn to play the killer first at least?

  2. The one thing I love about tofu (& the jrm) is they leave mistakes in their videos, include games where they end up losing, & still have fun lol. Freaking love you tofu ✌🏻

  3. Because videos like this every dumb surv think that DH is essential for every build ( plus DS ofc and flashlight 😂 ) one stupid monkey copy from another one, Devs can delete 80% of perks right now and nobody will not even notice

  4. Can Someone try out this build for me? I really want to see if it’ll work as good as I think it will
    I call it the Demogorgon Build:
    Lightborn (it’s blind)
    And surveillance (or enduring considering how durable it is)
    I just want to see if it actually works

  5. Hey Tofu, you should totally try Deathslinger with Hexes Retribution, Plaything, and Pentimento.

    – After getting a Hook, Plaything activates and makes the Survivor Oblivious to you, which makes Deathslinger a Ranged Stealth Killer.

    – When the Survivor cleanses Plaything, you can put up Pentimento to slow the game down.

    – When the Survivor cleanses a Plaything or a Pentimento, you get 10 seconds of Retribution showing you the auras of all the Survivors.

    When the build is firing on all cylinders, you see every survivor's aura for almost the entire match


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