POWER POSITION! – Dead by Daylight!

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14 thoughts on “POWER POSITION! – Dead by Daylight!”

  1. As a former tournament winner and semi professional Halo player (had a child early so had to quit playing) I can notice your subtle movements and I think that alot of people who criticize you and talk smack can't even see these subtle moves you make, which speaks volumes in their skill levels as well as to the skill levels of streamers they glorify (no offense to those streamers). But when watching your gameplay and seeing your movements and i just realize that you are a very good killer.

  2. Hi truetalent I came across a hacker on Ormond who wore your nickname of course I killed him with my tombstone myers a draw remains a draw hack or not just to tell you because it is very rare what was the lucky that I came across a hacker in more than 4 years that I played DBD as a killer never once except once by surviving in short on this continue your videos well with your good level and do not hack you never know xD 😉😉


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