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A lot of people have been worrying about the “Endurance Meta”

I hope you all are ready! Sit back and enjoy some Survivor massacre! Hope the dbd, dbd mobile Dead by daylight mobile, and dead by daylight crossplay communities all love the survivor gameplay and Rank 1 Doctor Gameplay!
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24 thoughts on “SHATTERING ENDURANCE META WORRIES – Dead by Daylight Doctor”

  1. My thing is the people during the livestream said that they were nerfing Dead Hard because of the way survivors were using it that is was basically an additional health state. Now, there is a combination in the game for survivors that basically gives them several additional health states. They took away one exploit and gave them several.

  2. Build request:

    Killer: Trapper
    1. Corrupt intervention
    2. Surge
    3. Save the best for last
    4. Brutal strength

    Trapper sack
    iridescent stone

    This is my go-to build for trapper and its even better on the ptb with surge, save, and brutal. All of those have been buffed so I'd love to see a video for it. As for the addons they're super strong and makes trapper a lot of fun 🙂

  3. Maybe some STBFL meta and even a Forced Penance here and there would probably ruin these types of Endurance stack fools pretty easily.
    Also make that Overcharge video, I wanna see it. It was my favorite trash fun perk, and fate's randomly chosen it on the perk wheel for things to buff into brilliance. I love that.

  4. Also, it CAN be a problem because we all know that bully squads are a thing…trust me I saw it firsthand. It’s gonna need a massive nerf bc as you said…survivors are ignoring gens completely just because they have the ability to get in the killer’s face now.

  5. Do a bubba build with iridescent flesh add on, if you hit someone with endurance using the chainsaw it refreshes your charges and you can catch up and hit them again with the chainsaw

  6. The endurance meta is only going to be a problem at super high elo and swf games, and even then it’s a surv not going gens and it’s encouraging more player interaction. I think the top nurse and blight players will throw a fit, oh well.

  7. Its all so new its challenging which is the main issue ppl have. I personally love challenges so i love it. Survivor looks even tougher and killer looks fun now that all these health states came in to counter the DECENT gen regressing buff and 'unstoppable force' buffs for killer.

  8. Meh. Seems to me like it's gonna be not so fun playing survivor is all. The new meta is killer meta lol nothing wrong with it but I don't forsee dbd's player numbers going up here in the near future. Personally I'm ready for the overcome+lucky break meta that's gonna be great especially since you can recharge lucky break

  9. That’s the thing about introducing new meta. Endurance? Ok STBFL then. A new meta would be born. Before it was DH/hold W meta. But it’s so rough cuz the chase times called for more regression, but it’s hard to use STBFL for killers that it doesn’t shine you know? Not gona lie I’m enjoying all these changes but it’s an odd shift. The strongest killers not too effected, lower lvl killers a buff and medium to highish kinda get the shaft. At least imo. Like I said I like it, it’s different and it won’t shift things too much but oof. But maybe I’m wrong 🤷🏼‍♂️ cuz endurance would be eaten up by legion and plagues (red vomit) powers.

  10. Perks like STBFL and Mad Grit are great for punishing protection hits. Perks that hit multiple gens like Ruin, Jolt, and even Oppression will be really good too. All Hexes will be better, and really anything that forces survivors to make conspicuous actions will also help. With the added 10 seconds and the survivors taking more hits, the gens will be getting done a lot slower. In the end, both survivors and killers will have to make a lot more judgement calls during a match with this "meta" and I don't think that's a bad thing.

    I would say if they prevent OTR from activating after the gens are complete, then it's balanced enough.

  11. imagine how much Jolt value you wouldve got if you had it equipped. I think the endurance meta will be just like the boon meta seemingly op and can be in some cases but not everyone will run and ultimately they'll waste time and killers will find counters to it.

  12. My Idea for a Nerf for endurance would work like that one old Legion add on:

    When Survivors take hits with insurance while already in deep wound, reduce the active deep wound timer by let's say, 40%

    Not 50%, so it doesn't Nerf it too much, but with 2 hits, you are almost dead in a few seconds after that, and even with one, you still lose time before you get downed!

  13. The new Endurance perks are way too powerful on certain maps which makes it really difficult and frustrating for Killers just like before with the old EEEEEEEEE! now they get the hit but get another speedburst out of it. Now when they wouldnt block the killer with it but Loop around they can get up to 3/4 speed bursts and its totally unfair.
    So the best change would be: Eshaustion AND Deep wound should prevent you from using Endurance so you cant tank multiple hits and everything is balanced.

    But as you can see: there are new Strong up to overpowered Endurance perks (imagine it ony RPD or Lerys getting blocked in hallways or doors) Survivors instantly abuse these Perks and annoy the Killers again like the past 6 years. this will result in getting their perks nerfed again. I bet if survivors hadnt abused DS in the Endgame or jump in lockers to Force it the devs wouldnt even have touched it.
    Killers do the Same with their Regression Perks like Overcharge+call of brine but its easy to counter just tap the gen. What do we do to counter the Endurance Abuse? Hit and run maybe with Stbfl but its still unbalanced like the past years

  14. Ptb build idea. Always injured Doc
    Doc using bigger terror radius Addons
    Perks: sloppy, claurophobia (probably misspelled), thanatophobia, and overwhelming presence for more skill checks.


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