Steve Harrington Stranger Things Lore Build! – Dead By Daylight

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Always up to me to watch over those little runts
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46 thoughts on “Steve Harrington Stranger Things Lore Build! – Dead By Daylight”

  1. HA this is perfect. I love that the flashbang fits him in a lore way AND in a DBD stereotype way. Offering yourself as a sacrifice to that Oni was a very Steve move too.

  2. I think the hackers instantly escape and don’t screw around because they want to get to the very top in MMR, because I suppose screwing with the 10k hour killers is a lot more fun than the baby to average skilled killers. Another reason why BHVR shouldn’t only factor ESCAPING as a WIN. I’m talking about you Patrick

  3. As a Steve main thank you for this lmao😂 My lore build is very similar except I have resilience over empathy cause Steve every season gets roughed up but he performs better in live or die hero situations

  4. I think it's really cute and absolutely love that you included Empathy for Steve. It's always been my go-to aura perk and it's very overlooked these days. I bet Steve looks up to Claudette, admiring how wise and selfless she is for her age, when back in season 1 she would've been someone he avoided for a false image. He has a bigger heart for it.

  5. I love the content bro, top tier stuff. Do you think you could do a Leon game build? I know you have plans for a nemesis one, but maybe after? Love the content as always

  6. The first match was pretty lore accurate if I do say so, you got eleven helping you.
    Also 5:43 was genius.

    But in all seriousness, I'd like to see a lore accurate Chris Widefield for when Wesker releases. Just a thought.

  7. It always kind of triggers me if I had to deal with script users instant finish gens if I got in a match pumped for some action.
    That aside, those perks are easily accessible and I would love to try that on one of the survivors I'm trying to level.


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