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Hey guys, this is definitely a bit of a different upload for my channel but bear with me. This is a competitive DbD tournament that was hosted on my Twitch channel, and casted by me and another streamer named Ralph. This is a super long and uncut video, so I will include timestamps in case you wanna skip through all the downtime between matches.

PLEASE GIVE FEEDBACK ON THIS, IF YOU LIKE IT/HATE IT, OR IF YOU WANT IT EDITED MORE, ETC ETC. I will be uploading the rest of this tournament regardless in the next week or so, and we may do more tourneys in the future. I can upload a version that cuts out all the downtime, or I can format it like this video with timestamps.

One thing I’m already aware of, is that we did not show the brackets/scoring enough on screen. Here is a link that shows the names of the teams + rules, and i’ll work on making this all more clear in future tourneys (if you guys are interested in this kind of stuff) https://docs.google.com/document/d/1_vqE5Dyy9qB9PLq1HX5jYARBGoo_A8AFNUiWdArr4ns/edit

Also, there is no way to reduce downtime between matches, Unfortunately DbD doesn’t have a very good system of having pre-made builds, and the teams need time no matter what.

0:00 – Pre Finals Downtime
10:38 – Demise vs Jinx Game 1 (Jinx Killer)
21:04 – Downtime
31:13 – Demise vs Jinx Game 2 (Demise Killer)
39:22 – Downtime
51:11 – Demise vs Jinx Game 3 (Demise Killer)
59:12 – Downtime
1:11:27 – Demise vs Jinx Game 4 (Jinx Killer)
1:18:35 – Downtime
1:30:47 – Demise vs Jinx Game 5 (Jinx Killer)
1:38:03 – Downtime
1:49:43 – Demise vs Jinx Game 6 (Demise Killer)
1:58:25 – Downtime
2:05:57 – Demise vs Jinx Game 7 (Demise Killer)
2:16:20 – Downtime
2:24:20 – Demise vs Jinx Game 8 (Jinx Killer)
2:33:52 – Final Recap + Thank you

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23 thoughts on “Swish's DbD Tournament | GRAND FINALS | Competitive Dead by Daylight”

  1. I was really confused how Demise won the Nurse match? I was like Tofu, I didn't count hook states, I was caught up on how many got out, and it sure felt like Jinx outplayed Demise regardless of the score. Still Demise dominating with Spirit and Twins made up for the Meh win they got with Nurse. The best team obviously won. Great content Tofu. I'm down for you to host a tourney sometime in 2022. <3

  2. Spirit definitely isn't as good as she was (in a competitive setting) but bOY was playing her so poorly. Her phasing sound now opens her up for actual mindgames while phasing. Imo, she's even stronger than she used to in a couple senses. Idk how demise is going to play her (haven't seen their game yet), but jinx clearly doesn't know new spirit very well… Granted, I could not play in a tournament, my understanding of killer as a whole isn't as good as Jinx's, but I feel like my understanding of spirit is better.


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