T BAG INTO D/C HUH? Dead by Daylight

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13 thoughts on “T BAG INTO D/C HUH? Dead by Daylight”

  1. Just a FYI.. In the PTB.. Survivors can get up in 11 seconds with the correct build.. Keep in mind this does require a boon. But it can be done.. And it does not require other people. Its a build I predict will become meta when/if the PTB patch goes live.

    My original prediction for how it worked was way off.. Normally I am not that way for this.. But I made a huge error as I actually gave the devs credit for once.. Something I do not know why I even did so.. Since I originally thought said survivor was FORCED to wait the full time before they could get up. IE I thought that part was not effected by perks.. Silly me right?

  2. I dont know, LoL How do you have the patience to play with these Forsaken, DED corpse of Skunks.
    See idk, these things move are like insects squirming on its last breath and its sooo Disgusting. XD Are you doing it for the end game chat like me?
    You know for those that complain, I have been saying shutup Skunk for a while now and just leave the game. I know nothing positive will come out of it, but I still do it… God help me XD


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