The 39 Dead by Daylight Perks being Reworked

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BHVR are reworking/nerfing/buffing 39 Dead by Daylight perks

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21 thoughts on “The 39 Dead by Daylight Perks being Reworked”

  1. as a killer, I wish they nerfed prove thyself. everything else is fine by me, can’t wait to see new meta after it being always the same 5-6 perks. them nerfing the most used perks will definitely bring new metas, if not that at least more variety. I trust BHVR to do a good job, cuz lately they’ve been adding so many good things.

  2. It's soooo weird to include Haddies new perk in this… like you JUST released this, there is like NO data about it yet that you could go off and if it is THAT weirdly/badly designed that it warrants a full rework already, why even release it xD

  3. yah the fact that adrenaline is not on here is a sin against humanity

    it literally only exist for gen rushers

    like seriously they ignore healing use resilience or something then just sit on gens til adrenaline like thats been the meta forever because that stupid ass perk exist

    i really dont think people see it for what it is

  4. I think like a few of these perks will become basekit (BT first survivor, BBQ for killer?), some will be nerfs/reworks for a healthier effect, and the remaining perks will get moderate-high buffs.

    I'm honestly hyped for perks like overcharge to get reworks so they can become useful of at least interesting. However I'm terrified they'll nuter killer meta and only lightly touch the survivor meta. I would much rather they buff more than nerf.

  5. Why are they changing Iron Will, BBQ, WGLF, and Spine Chill? All of them are literally perfect as it is, there is no reason to change them.

    The Iron Will change is especially painful for me because it is my #1 favorite perk. I started as a Jake main when I started playing 3 years ago, and Iron Will has ALWAYS been a staple of my build. It doesn’t even do that much for me, but I just can’t imagine having injured noises. I just can’t. It sounds wrong to me after going so long without them.

  6. Oh God, I have a goos feeling that they did not beta test a lot of these changes…. 39 different perk changes?? I have a feeling they are gonna nerf em into the ground, because probably one of the Devs started playing killer and listened to all the crybabies on reddit. None of these perks needed changed… decisive is already nerfed as it is…. what are they going to do with Iron will? Reduce grunts quietness by 50% so the killer still hears you?

  7. I think they’re reworking these because some are rarely (if ever) used. Like monstrous shrine, knock out, lightweight, distortion. Others have been in the meta for too long or are used far more than others, like Dead Hard, Borrowed Time, Decisive Strike, Self-Cafe, Iron-Will, BBQ, Ruin, NOED, Corrupt Intervention, Pop. Lastly some of them have very very niche uses. Lucky Break, Lethal Pursuer, Pharmacy.

    I hope this shakes things up a lot. I always use Dead Hard, Iron Will, Decisive Strike and Borrowed Time because it’s just a powerful build and usually I escape. So it can make things stale.


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