The 5 Most Frustrating & 5 Most Satisfying Things in Dead by Daylight!

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Hey everyone, today I thought we’d look over some of the most annoying, but also most satisfying things in Dead by Daylight. I thought about doing one or the other, so I thought I’d just do both together, keep a nice balance. We’re gonna alternate between them as we go. Let’s get into it.

Chapter 23 has been announced! It’s Ringu, a licensed chapter releasing in March of 2022. For now we have no further details.

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Intro 0:00
Invisible walls 0:15
Finding NOED (Totems) 0:59
Tome challenges 1:38
Completing things 2:48
Awful timing 3:49
Hitting a nice shot 4:32
RNG 5:05
Hiding close calls 5:47
Useless perks & offerings 6:22
Niche perk value 7:00
Common charms 7:49
Outro 8:33


23 thoughts on “The 5 Most Frustrating & 5 Most Satisfying Things in Dead by Daylight!”

  1. Satisfying: cornering the toxic clicker and just keeping them there
    Frustrating: running save the best for last and not hitting the obsession, it makes them think they are so good and cannot be caught. This has happened several times but one match in particular I played against this Kate and I was at 6 stacks and didn’t want to lose them so I spotted her, realised she was the obsession then left her. After that she clicked me thinking she was so good at chases and when I found her healing another survivor I went for the injured one(obviously to not lose stacks) and she tried to take hits but I downed the injured one, then she clicked me and after ages I’d had enough and hooked her then she kobid right in front of me so I left her on the floor to chase the other survivor and she bled out and accused me of tunneling

  2. When you brought up a overhaul of grey toolboxes I thought that they are great for grinding in bloodwebs because they only cost 3k so they do help with shifting through different bloodwebs

  3. I know hiding like a second before a killer finds you is really satisfying cuz I was playing against a silent chainsaw billy and I was in the shack working on a gen and I saw the bar that tells you his power is activated so I walked back to the shack window and I vaulted over it and crouched as soon as he went in the shack and it was so close cuz as soon as I crouched was when he ran in

  4. I still despise one challenge in the first tome:

    Complete 4 Generators while using the perk Dark Sense. (You must complete this challenge in a single trial)

  5. Most satisfying thing I've done as survivor is when I hadn't played in a while so my mmr fell by a lot so when I played a match finally I 360d a killer so much they completely gave up on swinging entirely

  6. I've had a "Stun the Killer 10 time(s)" challenge on for NINE DAYS now and I'm only at seven. I keep getting people who respect pallets or have powers that ignore then or both or away Killers or ones who camped. It doesn't help that I've got a "Curse of Billy" going on where I keep. Constantly. Just. Keep getting. Matched against. Billys who only ever use the chainsaw. I've been keeping track of my past twenty-five Survivor games and a full on nineteen of the Killers have been Billy. (One Nurse, two Blights, two Nemesis, and one Clown.)

    Pentimento is basically useless with the Boon Meta right now. Why should Survivors cleanse totems when they can just Boon them instead?
    Trying for Adept Artist was painful having basically only one Perk for most of the game and while Pain Resonance is a good Perk I had far too many games where all four of my Scourge Hooks were all in one area with only one gen that gets finished first.

    Thanks for the video.

  7. My #1 easily is a toxic player focusing all their attention on you, like trying really hard to ruin your mood. Usually it's a killer who is playing particularly nasty towards you because you ran them a while. You don't have to BM to get BM from these types of shitters either. I guess getting tunneled/camped falls under this category too as these players tend to be the ones to play in this way. They're also generally very nasty and unreasonable in the endgame chat as well.

  8. The challenge self deprecating joke in the tombs is so bad imo. It was the challenge for the clown jake tomb and it is just stupid. You have to get a survivor poisoned and then cure them with the piss bottles. Even when you play as passively and friendly as possible, survivors are just not gonna let you have it easily. One of the worst imo along with just the shitshow that is adept david king.


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