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playing survivor at max mmr on dead by daylight

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11 thoughts on “THE DATA KILLER STRIKES AGAIN! – Dead by Daylight!”

  1. 1st I want to make it abundantly clear that we all know the developers do not play the killer at high level they almost always place survivors so they have no idea what it's like and they don't care.

  2. FYI Tru3 at your first hook you were talking about bad connections. It's likely the killer only had maybe 200 ms ping. Not super great, but not awful (it would be awful for a shooter game though). So on their screen they probably just hit the back of your ankle as you ran around the corner on your first damage state. I see this ALOT when i play survivor. It's partly a combination of mediocre net code from the devs and latency.

  3. This nemmy seems like a baby killer, or at least new to Nemmy – he tries
    to break pallets with his tentacle when he’s not tiered up enough.

    Great skill checks don’t give you more charges they just make progress faster – if you have a 20 charge toolbox you’ll still only get 20 charges with great skill checks it just makes the speed of repairing faster – same with heals and the medkit addons that effect great skill checks/speed. Not sure if you realize that or forgot you used part of your medkit earlier.

    I’d rather have basekit kindred (Unaffected by open handed etc) than basekit BT to be honest. BT deserves to have a perk slot in its own right. A limited kindred doesn’t need a perk slot .. (maybe you don’t see everyone else’s aura but just killer aura within a shorter radius ~the size of Shack.)

    As far as connection – I know on VR shooter games like “onward” running the game through a wireless card or on VPN give lag in favor of the one using it – it allows them to be slightly off of where their opponents are shooting (if they keep moving/strafing) and when their opponents stand still they land hits while their opponents do not (even if it appears to hit on their end the player is strafing left and right so their hit box is moving.) I think iirc there’s no real “client side” on dbd – it’s killer side priority – running and vpn / wireless card could help the killer if they understand how to use it – it would be harder in dbd (because it’s a cat and mouse game) than in an fps where people hold corners and angles.

  4. What if medkits didn't unlock self-care but allowed other people to heal you faster–or the other way around based on add-ons. Maybe even remove map and combine its add-ons with the medkit to give it more versatility. Like seeing teammates' auras with use of charge? Just some ideas nothing full fleshed out

  5. killer perk idea: if a survivor is unhooked within 15 seconds of being hooked, that survivor is inflicted with broken and incapacitated status for 30/40/45 seconds. also if youre making borrowed time basekit make deerstalker basekit. I know they arent equivalent but killers should get something


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