The Infinite Medkit Build – Dead by Daylight

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The Infinite Medkit Build – Dead by Daylight

In today’s video we are going to be using the infinite medkit build, hope you all enjoy!

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My perks are pink by installing a custom icon pack which is available on PC, the pack I use is the pink galaxy pack

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31 thoughts on “The Infinite Medkit Build – Dead by Daylight”

  1. I've always loved your videos nayemeti , and it's great to watch your videos . They really help me learn new looping skills. But recently I went to my cousins house and their internet randomly went out . And by randomly I mean the sticks were completely bent and the cords were unplugged. So now I am banned for a good period of time.

  2. My only complaint about this particular video is that it's not really about the medkit and is more about looping. I don't really see the benefit of the medkit build he's got because the majority of the video is him looping, which he's great at, but not what I came to the video for.

  3. Streetwise vs Built to Last?
    I have Built to Last I used for a similar build, but I didn't know about Streetwise so I used another perk there.
    If I had to choose one of the two, is there a more preferable?

    Reminds me of how I use Self Care over Boon Healing. For one, I don't have the boon one yet, and whenever I run a perk that requires boob cleansing, I can't find one. Still newish to survivor despite what my MMR says, so finding them reliably is out of the question. Mabye with the perk that finds them easier as training wheels?

  4. Why 20 min sounds great shit go for 30 min videos I personally love it when creators upload 30 min videos more enjoyable 10 min are a tease you're uploading videos not selling me drugs in hs 😂 do I got to pay for the full thing 🤣

  5. I just started playing DBD when it became free on epicgames, and my o my dude I have been watching your gameplays now I am rank green already! More power to you and hoping to see you get that 100k!


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