This is Dead by Daylight's BIGGEST UPDATE

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Progression 75% Faster. Gen Speeds Slowed. Tunnelling & Camping Reduced. Perks Reworked. Operation Health is here in Dead by Daylight!

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00:00 – Intro/Predicted Release Date
00:40 – Progression System Overhaul
03:43 – Matchmaking Incentives
04:15 – Base Gameplay Changes
06:41 – Meta Perk Changes (Mostly Nerfs)
11:13 – Non-Meta Perk Changes (Mostly Buffs)
15:40 – Outro/Dowsey’s Thoughts

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33 thoughts on “This is Dead by Daylight's BIGGEST UPDATE”

  1. Honestly I look very forward to many of these perk changes, but also the killer buffs. Of course I can't understand some nerfs, but I think I'm ok with it. The devs finally understood, that the killers really needed a buff and some perk changes, to keep up with really good survs. Now lets buff some of the D tier killers and I'm happy all the way.

  2. I dont like the prestige thing… I must now prestige all my characters to have the same build available… Waste of bloodpoints and time great

  3. Off the record is broken. Because Conspicious actions don't include BEING HEALED, by others, it will create aggressive body blocking by survivors, and often, especially SWFs. Botany knowledge didn't need a buff.

  4. for someone who has uninstalled the game, it is cool to see a big update and somewhat of a new feel to the game but i dont think i'll be to hyped for to long dh is nerfed somewhat, bbq, ya idk its cool but not to much stuff to be crazy about the game atlest for me.

  5. I think most of these changes are fine. But the nerfs to Iron Will and Self Care are absolutely awful ideas.

    Nerfing Self-Care will just encourage people to bring Boon: Circle of Healing more often, which will irritate Killer Mains even more because Botany Knowledge's new 50% healing speed buff + CoH + any decent medkit is basically an instant heal now.
    It's fine to remove the medkit efficiency off Self-Care, but nerfing it to 35% heal speed? Oh people are definitely gonna bring nothing but Boon CoH + Botany Knowledge now.

    Nerfing Iron Will makes the perk useless. Iron Will was mostly only useful in chases and its simple effect (100% pained noise reduction) gave it great synergy in a lot of builds. The nerfs kill this synergy and limit the buid variety it can be used in. Most survivors are also so ridiculously loud that they are still VERY audible at 75% reduction.

    Encouraging players to use different perks and FORCING them to use different perks are two different things.
    BHVR needs to learn the difference quickly.

    Encouraging players to use different perks would be the current Self-Care and CoH.
    Both enable players to heal themselves at 50% speed, but the perks function just differently enough to not be clones of each other.
    CoH requires a player to find and bless a totem first and benefits the entire team as long as the Killer does not snuff it out.
    Self Care requires no set up and is not reliant on blessing totems. However it does not aid your entire team, only yourself.
    Players can choose to bring either one to ensure they are able to heal themselves as both are decent options and cater to different playstyles.

    Forcing players to use different perks is nerfing Self-Care to the ground so that you have no choice but to bring CoH if you want a reliable way to make sure you get healed that doesn't take 50 seconds (closer to 60-70 if you include Mangled's 25% slowdown and Thanataphobia's new 22% slowdown).

  6. To be honest, it seems like most of these changes were made because there is a high volume of skilled players and at that level survivor is superior. But as for a casual player like myself who still prestiges and buys cosmetics, these changes make the game close to impossible to have fun. Looks like I won't be playing anytime soon.

  7. Wait, I'm confused…. Why are they making it harder/longer to grind blood points (via Nerfing Blood point boosting skills)? wouldn't that make it even harder for "new players" to get perks/skills to help them in the game?
    (as a person who grinds in other games, I don't think that making you grind even more is a good thing,)

  8. It isn't bad but they shit all over spine chill no one will run it now i understand nerfs but they will make some perks un-used they wanted some to be used less but some won't be touched at all and others will become meta perks they are just swapping meta perks around. No ed is still strong because it relies on randoms being bothered to find the totem which they will not that is for SWF teams this seems to me a rework to make people play killer with the huge buffs for them plain and simple some people just don't want to play killer stop forcing people to do it.

  9. Buffing killer is great because a large portion of them are alot of fun but far too weak compared to others. But then shifting the play to keep all survivors alive for much longer will make the game far harder for killers and heavily in favor of survs.

  10. Massive Spirit buff. Rip Iron Will and Spine Chill.

    Ironically, I think Spine Chill nerf is also a nerf to Ghostface and Myers. Now you will know if they have direct line of sight.


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