This New Wesker Perk Makes Nurse UNSTOPPABLE

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Today the PTB for Wesker was released for Dead by Daylight, Resident Evil’s second chapter ‘Project W’, in the game, along with Wesker a perk called ‘Awakaned Awareness’ which makes Nurse ridiculously strong! – I stream daily over here – To keep up with new streams/videos – My discord, best way to contact me or chill with the community!

In this video, I won’t be tormenting my friends as killer, i will be bringing up the hacking issue in dead by daylight, this is a problem any streamer or youtuber doing a streak will face, whether you’re otzdarva getting 50 wins in a row / win streak with nemesis or no0b3 escaping 50 times in a row, this is scaring twitch streamers. The survivors don’t need to be a 10,000 hour pro team if they can hide their cheats well enough. I will be running the sweatiest build on killer for this (Nurse). I won’t be running any moris or mori animations. Unfortunately the last clip isn’t the 2 killers vs 8 survivors. I don’t think this is the best build on nurse. This definitely isn’t the lowest mmr, most likely the highest possible. Let’s see if we will collect any salt from these hackers. The last clip is 3 killers in one match, not 2 killers in one match, THREE! Nurse is the best killer on the killer tier list. These games are funny random moments from my twitch stream where I play dead by daylight!

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48 thoughts on “This New Wesker Perk Makes Nurse UNSTOPPABLE”

  1. This is freaking ridiculous there has to be some sort of nerf on Nurse cause god damn. I would dc if I went against this type of Nurse. It’s basically just an insta win if that map isn’t huge.

  2. Only a nurse main would say it’s a blight nurse hybrid ids nothing like nurse more like Demi 😂 edit annoys me he would say that but knowing him he will barely play him like nurse


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