What is Dead by Daylight's Greatest Moment?

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DOWSEY looks into Dead by Daylight’s Greatest Moments, featuring @not Otzdarva, @Scott Jund & @No0b3!

00:00 – Intro
00:22 – Otzdarva’s Plague Match
03:14 – Scott Junds’ Double Hatchet
04:11 – Mathieu Cote’s Hag Match
06:56 – Light In The Fog Event
08:29 – No0b3’s 20 Minute Chase

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47 thoughts on “What is Dead by Daylight's Greatest Moment?”

  1. One of the greatest moments in dbd not in the video must be Dowsey doing hardcore survivor, already lost some survivors, quentin steps up to the challenge, Dowsey loops a cannibal for 5 gens and then gets facecamped to death just before the exit gate. It was already awesome when I caught this on stream, the chase was amazing, but long after this happened, some people got into a discussion about mmr and Patrick told us exactly when someone is skillful. The official verdict is: looping for 5 gens was not the skillful play there. We can look back at Dowseys hardcore videos to see how skillful the bubba was. Looping the killer for 5 gens just wasn't the play. And that makes it one of the greatest moments in dbd ever.

  2. Noob3 runs killer for 20 min
    The useless survivor escapes.
    Oh yeah that reminds me of my matches where i do nearly everything and my useless teammates escape.
    Escape= Skill

  3. Everyone talking about Noob3 but I think an underrated popular dbd creator that is very monumental at least to me and my joining of the game is Monto and his Toxic killer series as well as his road to 4k rancor. Monto was such an integral part of me joining the game and I loved his positivity and his insight into every killer and showing how truly entertaining each one could be. Without him I would've played to win, with him I play to enjoy the game.

  4. The K I L L S = S K I L L S video. Truly a legendary moment, where a top content creator spoke out against the game developers with disregard to the consequences. All for the love of the game to make sure it’s balanced and fun for everyone.

    Seems insignificant but it proved that speaking out against Behavior WILL end with their retaliation against you. Shows that streamers and content creators are being persuaded to stay in line.

    The comparison between DBD and hockey is completely preposterous. I could write a novel on the lack of logic of that correlation.

    Thank you so much Dowsey for the amazing content.

  5. Marth's hatch standoff was one of the best moments for me

    Where the guy was stream sniping him all game, and he said "fuck this, I'm gonna go get something to eat."

    He walked away and the Claudette jumped in the hatch, but suddenly his character grabs the claud and offscreen he goes "I have a controller! Oh, feels bad, don't it?"

  6. Dude that Claudette not doing the single gen while noob is looping the killer pisses me off something fuckin special and It didn’t even happen to me. I’ve been in the situation before with a player who absolutely has no clue which way is even up in the game and never touched a gen during the whole 15 minutes I was looping an Oni on Gideon.

  7. The greatest moment for sure was the light in the fog event. That is the first time I saw the dbd community come together for something good and just be very wholesome and supportive. The noob3 doing gens, you is definitely up there too tho. That is the perfect video to show someone who wants to know what dbd soloq is like

  8. No0b3 will always be extra special. The greatest of all time to me. I started playing Dbd around 2017/18 and luckily stumbled across his channel back then. Something about him and his vibes brighten even the darkest of days. No0b3 doesn’t have to post a single thing ever again because the impact he made for me and so many others will last a lifetime. Hall of Famer<3

  9. I had no clue where the doing gens, you? meme came from, and honestly my friend is a whole Claud main and will do the exact same thing. Lmao I can't play with friends like that for the funsies without having a stroke.

  10. The fact that the Claudette was named "Socialsm sucks" actually showed perfectly why it sucks: egoism always makes you win, even if it's not the best outcome.

  11. The Xbox escape tournament was the greatest triumph I've ever had personally facing a really good nurse on coal tower. We won the tournament and my son was born the next day! I'll never forget that. I wish I had the footage of that match.

  12. Noob3 was the reason why i started playing this game.
    Now since he isn’t uploading,
    Otz is the only reason why i always go back to dbd.
    Sometimes with breaks, but i still playing


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