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7 thoughts on “ARTIST HAS A LOT OF POTENTIAL! – Dead by Daylight!”

  1. I consistently get easy 3-4ks with her. I’m almost glad no one plays her. Let her be viable for a bit longer. Don’t forget tru3 there is an add on that makes survivors exhausted when they have birds on them. Great add on👌🏻

  2. 12:56 . I’m sure you used this in the past considering it’s insanely META, but gotta try my go to for high MMR. But, in case you haven’t.. Ruin, Undying, Tinkerer, BBQ (or pop). I just started using Pentimento instead of undying as an alternative backup for slowdown in case your ruin gets taken down. You gotta play each killer like hit and run depending on when Tinkerer pops. Doesn’t work all the time obviously, there’s just some games that’s impossible no matter what you use. But that’s my suggestion if you somehow haven’t used it

  3. The build I am working with at the moment (on Artist and others) is Scourge Hook: Pain Resonance, Jolt, Pop Goes the Weasel. The build is based on making a dead zone of pallets around a 3-4 gen near the scourge hooks. You can go for chases but not at the expense of attaining and maintaining that area so it's probably not Tru's thing. The regression from Jolt and Scourge hooks appear (unless someone knows different) to stack, while Pop is there for other gens or gen rushers who are going to touch a regressing gen again right away. I've pulled a lot of gens back from the brink with this build. It seems to work well against rushing but nothing is enough against top SWF. I'd like to get Scourge Hook: Gift of Pain or Dead Man's Switch, since I'm going to scourge hooks anyway, but I have not gotten either yet so I'm just using whatever for the 4th perk atm.

    Also Scourge Hook: Pain Resonance is really rather good in my opinion. Yes sometimes the rng will be bad on the hooks but most of the time it isn't. The perk feels like a superior BBQ and Chili in it not only regresses the most complete gen but informs you on survivor locations too.

  4. The simple fact you can check gens whenever you want and get info (and sometimes an injure if the survivor messed up) make her top 3 after blight and nurse imo. You save so much time

  5. Artists real potential isn't in her ability to shut down loops, it's in her ability to get a damage state while in chase without the massive slowdown, or LoS requirement the other ranged killers have.

    If you invest the hours into learning how to use her crows as weapons she's actually pretty decent.


    Play thing
    No way out

    If they don't find your ruin well you have ruin but let's be honest they'll find it so you'll keep your gen regression


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