Dead By Daylight| Stranger Things Vecna teaser of Blight rift cinematic? Or both?

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People have pointed me towards these recent rabbit tweets by Dead By Daylight that point towards the origin story of Vecna and even a “demogorgonbunny”, meaning that Stranger Things is returning to Dead By Daylight but with new content too. But is there a more reasonable explanation as to what these tweets are? Let’s put the tinfoil hats on and have a Tinfoil Talk, and discuss. Tinfoil hats activate!

What do you think? Is it possible this is a cinematic for new rift content AND a nod to Stranger Things coming back to Dead By Daylight? They have to know that we’d interpret these images in this way and it’s been done on purpose right? RIGHT?! Let me know!

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25 thoughts on “Dead By Daylight| Stranger Things Vecna teaser of Blight rift cinematic? Or both?”

  1. I don’t want stranger things back. For one reason. It’s gonna be terrible. Look at the new update which they lied about and don’t want to talk about the lies of 75% less grind. And Hawkins would turn from a balance map to 69 pallets. 7 pallets you have to break or you can’t get a kill. 600% darkness… I don’t want stranger things to be ducked again

    The bunny is in fact, a DemoBunny, and he has a lot of DemoBunny friends. There was a cinematic video leak that was all three videos, they were about the Dredge, Jonah, and these DemoBunnies.

  3. If Vecna came into the game, this is what I'd want 🙌

    When he hits you it builds trauma, when injured it increases the speed of trauma overtime. When full health you still slowly gain trauma if you've been hit before. To bring down trauma, you must finish gens or go to the furthest gramophone and crank the music. Gen popping brings down trauma of all survivors only by a small amount, using the gramophone takes time and skill checks with a difficulty much like the perk "merciless storm". But brings down trauma by half. If you don't mess up skill checks and fill the progression bar.

    If trauma is filled you will be mori able when put into the dying state. This will be signaled with a sound cue (The Clock)
    And you will be Cursed

    When Cursed you see hallucinations of Vecna and his terror radius (like Doctor)

    Vecna can teleport slowly with no terror radius or sound cue (much like a slow and silent version of spirit)
    The player with the most trauma is shown with killer instinct. If mori able he can teleport near the survivor (like hellraiser)

    The progression of trauma can be slowed if in the terror radius or even more if in chase with Vecna. Killing a survivor brings down the trauma meter of other survivors.
    To free yourself of the curse, use the gramophone.

    Missed skill checks on the gramophone does not reveal your location to the killer. But the sound of music playing just might.

    The carry animation will be like when he holds max in front of him in the show. When he opens the lockers, tentacles come out his back and opens the lockers, with his arm extended, that's when he pulls them out with his powers.


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