Dead by Daylight x Castlevania – Official Collaboration Teaser Trailer

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Dead by Daylight is an asymmetrical action multiplayer game developed by Behaviour Interactive. Take a look at the very brief teaser trailer for an upcoming collaboration with the legendary Konami IP Castlevania. Players can look forward to more information on the Dead by Daylight x Castlevania collaboration on August 6.


6 thoughts on “Dead by Daylight x Castlevania – Official Collaboration Teaser Trailer”

  1. Huh never considered Dracula to be a slasher chaser perhaps in other media he's in but not Castilevania he's more of a waiter due to his crazy powers and many upon many thralls of minions unless the runners are not going to be taken to the hooks but become turned vampires thralls instead. Also it's hard to imagine anyone in the 'vania series to be a runner outside of the certain kidnapped women from Rondo of Blood (though I'm still surprised Maria Renard got kidnapped in Rondo since she is plenty capable with her animal friends)

  2. First DND
    Then 2vs8
    Now it's Castlevania

    Devs should focus more on making game fun to play, not getting more crossovers. Adding more crazy stuff from different franchises doesn't make game automatically better. Ask Call of Duty devs.


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