Dead by Daylight's Player Count Just Exploded!

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Anniversary event has seen many players return to Dead by Daylight

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23 thoughts on “Dead by Daylight's Player Count Just Exploded!”

  1. I'm not trying to be a stickler here but these populations will most likely die off once it ends. I hope not badly but it will happen, hopefully people will realize it's better now and stay for once.

  2. As great as these changes are sadly the new influx of players is killing the game more. 4 days straight every single game I have played has been nothing but tunneled and camped for no reason. Still 5 gens, I don't run meta perks, I use brown items usually or none at all. This has been my experience personally so I understand that I am one small person having the worst luck ever on the game but figured I would share what I have been dealing with during all of this.

  3. It's just because it's the Anniversary all these people are playing and you can tell a lot of these people haven't played in awhile leading to some absolutely horrible matchmaking because they haven't played in so long. Getting top tier killers with all max level meta perks with iridescent and purple add-ons tunneling, slugging, and camping harder then you've ever seen in your life. The only up side being the very occasional killer taking it easy and just farming.

  4. I’ll bring in a polar opinion.
    I play DbD for 4-5+ hours a day 5 days a week, I try doing content for my small channel…
    And both the event and latest news make me wanna drop the game.

    My problem with the event is MASKS. I cannot find those dumb invitations, they do not emit any sound to help me and there’s like what, 1 invitation on a map at the same time? And why does it despawn after someone uses it in my face? So far I’ve got one mask, and this annoys me to same insane extent. I have a lot to do and wanna grab my silly cosmetics fast.

    And perk balance.. come on, do something about gens flying at 80sec per gen at best (24 at worst), THEN and only then you do rebalance metas for killer and survivor alike.

    I totally hate all of that, it steals my will to play and to try doing content, and I love DbD with my whole heart.

  5. Funny how, about a month ago, there was all this debate about Evil Dead finally being the dead by daylight competitor and being better than dead by daylight by far. After a month, i haven't seen any talk of evil dead, the fanbase got bored so quick and it shows.


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