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Ever gone against a team that is happy to blind you 50 times in a row? Or keep stunning you until your head hurts? Even if the Survivors are good sports, this kind of playstyle can be really frustrating to go against. This video showcases a fun match with some tips to help deal with them.

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36 thoughts on “How to deal with a "Bully Squad" | Dead by Daylight”

  1. People like this are why I only play DbD during events. Sometimes I can beat them, sure, but I generally want to play Killer very casually, even using weak addons, and it just upsets me knowing these people are getting off so hard at their "superiority" when I can't fight back due to my already locked-in casual character, perk and addon choices. I legitimately think the types of people who form "Bully Squads" are at least moderately bad people IRL and their happiness is anathema to me.

    Happy to see Otz call out some of their staples and weak points so more people can fight for their right to enjoy Killer.

  2. 0:000:19 uh no. it's not. it's bullying, and cheting. and it's on BHVR to insta ban those accounts. Best way I deal with them so far force quit the game. they can't get the psychotic yuks off with no killer. My MMR goes down, they get no points, and it's a nice fuck you move. But go-on.

  3. I was paired with a bully squad on solo queue survivor and I put a stop to it. It was a SWF of 3 people and all they did was mess with the killer. I finished 3 gens all by myself while they were getting hung. When it came down to me saving them, I didn’t. I revealed myself to the killer and made it clear I was not a part of the bully squad. Theres being a sweaty survivor in order to win then theres being an asshole survivor for some giggles ..

  4. When I started playing I got 3 matches of bullies, after that since ever I just play killer in the meanest way possible, I literally just use the best of the best and tunnel and camp the shit out of it, my fun because survivors like this became ruining survivos life's.

  5. Imagine going in a 4 man bully squad, sending to a map, having great add ons + item recharge and endurance perks, meta perks… So lets just recap on that.
    -Good items.
    -Squad communication.
    -Knowledge on map + strategy.
    -Perks to give second chances.
    -Items to give second chances.
    -Coordination to give second chances.
    ….And then you lose + complain about someone having skill.
    Petty, and childish.

  6. And this is why you don't mess with the killer cause that's just a good way to get everyone killed just like this. I always try to avoid the killer no matter what I don't like trolling people. If people wanna troll I let them do it cause I know karma will be coming for them

  7. this was so cringe to watch. i love hove otz rolled them without even doing any toxic or sweaty behavior. no camping, no tunneling, yet still 4k'd. i dunno, i think the survivors were just really arrogant. the play style doesnt bother me, like survivors don't need to play this game with just doing gens and escaping as the objective all the time. its fun to mess around, but they were just taunting otz and clicking at him the whole time, and that was gross.

  8. It's remarkable that there still isn't a clear means to determine what survivors are grouped together in the lobby. The difference between being in a swf and solo is huge – killers of all ability levels should have awareness over which survivors are in a party before the game starts.

  9. Masterful play Otz, I lean to letting them bleed out if I'm unable to hook. "Bully squads" I'm sure have thick enough skin to be bullied back. That being said, I rarely come across them and I would never assume to be remotely near the same caliber of player as you.

  10. i saw a comment in the chat feed that said "when is behavior going to do anything about the massive cheating problem", can anyone explain what the "cheating problem" is? i've never seen a single cheater ever in dbd

  11. When I sus a flashy bully squad, I just use Lightborn. Paired that with my signature Starstruck, I deal with these folks. I become a walking Noed as I hook one of them as they try to bumrush me to blind me or block the hook

  12. Great video, I don't believe having a strategy and communication is bullying but it can be really hard for a Killer, so these are great tips. That looked like a really fun top end match and if I was in the squad I wouldn't even have minded taking the L. Someday maybe I'll be good enough on Killer to fight groups like this and 50/50 win.


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