Huge Perk Overhaul Analysis | Dead by Daylight

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My breakdown of the upcoming midchapter patch and what it means for the future of DBD.

00:00 Intro
00:42 Progression System changes
04:17 Matchmaking Incentives
05:15 Gameplay Updates – Gen Speed
07:57 Gameplay Updates – Killer Improvements
11:50 Gameplay Updates – Camping & Tunneling
16:46 Meta Perk nerfs
42:07 Non-meta Perk buffs
1:08:40 My concerns

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41 thoughts on “Huge Perk Overhaul Analysis | Dead by Daylight”

  1. Thana was fine as it was I think. Now It's overturned. It wasn't run that much simply because other slow downs were more consistent and stronger. It's going to be everywhere now

  2. I fear that this is the beginning of an era of Dead By Daylight where playing solo is just not an option. Playing solo seems to be punished heavily in this update, with the changes to perks such as Spine Chill and Iron Will. If playing solo was horrible before, it seems that it will be unplayable soon. I really hope that this isn't really the case, but I'm worried nonetheless.

  3. When this come in Thanaphobia will replace ruin and Legion/Plague/Nurse will be everywhere.

    I would rather they fix the rubber banding that is currently breaking the game.

  4. It's strange that they forgot to add what could've been the change to remove camping, with so many base game mechanics tweaks
    In my opinion just making it so that progress on a hook is halted while the killer is not in a chase near the hook would pretty much solve the problem entirely

  5. Unhooking shouldnt be conspicuous – Give iron will back -Unhooking shouldnt be conspicuous – Give iron will back -Unhooking shouldnt be conspicuous – Give iron will back -Unhooking shouldnt be conspicuous – Give iron will back -Unhooking shouldnt be conspicuous – Give iron will back -Unhooking shouldnt be conspicuous – Give iron will back -Unhooking shouldnt be conspicuous – Give iron will back -Unhooking shouldnt be conspicuous – Give iron will back -Unhooking shouldnt be conspicuous – Give iron will back -Unhooking shouldnt be conspicuous – Give iron will back -Unhooking shouldnt be conspicuous – Give iron will back -Unhooking shouldnt be conspicuous – Give iron will back -Unhooking shouldnt be conspicuous – Give iron will back

  6. Off the records rework doesn't even make sense. It's name and og design heavily imply that it's a stealth perk: you go "off the record", into hiding, and are almost comoletely undetectable. Now it's more of on the record as the survivor using it will just stay on the killers ass for over a minute

  7. I love the blood points changes! I always hated playing a killer without bbq, I felt like I was stuck playing a couple killers till I could unlock it also made prestiging annoying

  8. Legions with Thana will be even more obnoxious, especially in solo queue. 116 seconds on a gen… SWFs can spread out much more effectively than solos, so it’s yet another buff that will nerf solos into oblivion and barely affect SWF. This is just lovely. I’m glad they buff killers overall, but Thana is good right now and needs no changes.

    Also Calm Spirit is good as is. Silent cleansing is not worth this debuff. This should be a completely separate perk. I don’t want to get punished by debuffs for wanting my survivor to shut up on hooks. I really hope that they mean that the survivor becomes 100% silent like with Bite the bullet, because debuffs are unjustified at all otherwise.

  9. genspeed changes are ok, but not good enough. The change is missing where a survivor takes the same time to get a gen running again, as it takes a killer to kick it. I take that over the 2.5%
    It's bs the can just touch it for 0,1 secs to stop regression. It doesn't even make logical sense.

    Overall i feel like the survivor buffs are stronger than killer buffs. I think the killer experience will suck more.

    The ruin nerf boggles the mind. it was already bad and rarely used. now it's dead. Why is it not ok to passivly regress gens from distance, but survivors can heal with boon somewhere away from you super fast.

  10. I honestly don't agree with DS and DH. DH especially. Survivors are slower already, killers have bloodlust as well, there's no 'dodge' mechanic, it's not Dark Souls… I think dodge every 40 seconds (at best) is not big deal. But well…

  11. Bad bad bad patch. Its already hard to escape and its going to be unbearable. DH isnt even DH anymore.. it doesnt do anything. The new players will stop playing this fucking game. And i probably will too. They dont even let other meta’s rise… before breaking down others. WAtch killers bitch about sprintburst once DH is nerfed. But the devs listen anyways to them.. im very disappointed

  12. I fail to see how th is really changes much about the meta from a survivor perspective. The things that frustrated killers, second chance perks, unhooking in the killers face etc are still present. It's harder to force hook trades since there are more sources of endurance, bt is basekit, DS still works the same way, survivors will still be able to brazenly hover near hooks and if you leave, they unhook, if you stay you get screwed by second chance perks. Medkits are still strong, SWF still exists, Boons have not been addressed, map offerings, and maps in general are not addressed.

    The top like 5 killer perks got gutted, the top 5 killer perks either were made basekit, adjusted, or stayed the same – this feels absolutely nuts. Really disappointing as a killer player who left a few months back and was hoping the changes would incite me to return

  13. I still think Self Care and Circle of Healing should be limited to the number of healing charges they can provide while still having a 50% healing speed penalty. They could have the equivalent of 2/2.5/3 heals (and re-booning would not refill the charges).

    And yes, camping was not addressed at all. Certain killer powers should be unusable when near a hooked survivor (e.g. Bubba, Hag). I really thought they were heading in this direction because the Dredge's teleport doesn't work for lockers near a hooked survivor. Other than that, there should be a radius from the hooked survivor where the hook progression slows down (and eventually pauses) if the killer does not leave the radius (except if they are in a chase I guess). This would force the Killer to actually look for survivors as the survivors would just finish all 5 gens if they don't leave.


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