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They played Haddonfield! of course they did, as I picked Blight, damn damn damn! However they made some really poor choices through out the map and we made a very strong move trying to get Kate out the game and punish all the time spent with her and no one getting in the way.
Kate had other plans though and won by escape, via DC.


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More about Dead By Daylight:

A group of up to four survivors must elude one killer. The survivors’ perspectives are third-person, while the killer’s perspective is first-person. The survivors cannot fight against the killer and can only survive by running away and evading them. They must use obstacles in the form of wooden pallets, windows, and items that they either find inside chests or bring before the match starts to run from the killer for as long as they can. In order to escape, survivors must repair 5 generators scattered across the entire map to power the exit gates, then they must open the exit gates and leave the area themselves or find a hatch to jump into.


13 thoughts on “KATE WINS BY DC | Dead by Daylight”

  1. Jay I want to ask and hopefully get a response. But what do you think about the devs being very childish punishing large content creators for criticizing their attitude toward the community by taking away their own personal cosmetics?

  2. I agree manfacejay, I could have a real crappy day and all I got to do is come watch one of your videos and it helps to make me feel better by you making me laugh.. keep up the amazing job.. and please keep the content coming to

  3. I'll never understand why people DC just like Kate did. Sure go ahead, DC on First or Second hook but DC RIGHT as you're about to be taken out of the game? Bruh it helps the killer more, they ain't gotta waste time. Plus they lose their BP.

  4. honestly love your commitment and positivity when it comes to dbd. i kind of lost all hope awhile ago but you make me want to be the same level of optimistic as you are towards the game.


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