Looping This Killer All Game – Dead by Daylight

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Looping This Killer All Game – Dead by Daylight

In today’s video we are going to be looping a trickster for around 5 minutes, hope you all enjoy!

New Killer Video: https://youtu.be/qFNH0KKZu58

Previous Video: https://youtu.be/ye6hNg-AvfQ

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My perks are pink by installing a custom icon pack which is available on PC, the pack I use is the pink galaxy pack

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44 thoughts on “Looping This Killer All Game – Dead by Daylight”

  1. what I find interesting is that you never face against killers that know what they are doing, any killer with half a brain won't waste the game chasing down 1 survivor unless the survivor is being obnoxiously toxic I don't commit to chase that are gonna take up the whole game unless I am playing specific builds or killers.

  2. Good games, also, don't be afraid to show us the oopsies like against trickster, keeps things abit more realistic and for me at least, fun to watch 🙂 good stuff

  3. I dont really get how someone with your skill level gets to face off with a killer as low as his own skill level in the first video.

    I really feel for the first killer because he is obviously out classed. the match making system should have prevented that but it didnt. It really sucks to be completely outmatched as a killer. and it really sucks to be outmatched as a survivor.

    But i feel his pain i definitely.

  4. So nice to watch your videos, dude. I still suck at this game, but every time I watch your content, I feel inspired to play it again regardless. Keep doing this amazing content. =D

  5. Not knowing he had Rancor, I would've actually saved my DS that first game. This would have opened up the opportunity for us to use DS later at an unexpected and inconvenient time for him (say, he picks up near the exit gate "knowing" we aren't protected by DS). Doesn't matter anyway though since he did have Rancor, lmao


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