MYERS CAN YOU NOT… – Dead by Daylight!

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16 thoughts on “MYERS CAN YOU NOT… – Dead by Daylight!”

  1. Played a Myers game earlier today where I used tombstone. Took me FOREVER to get tier 3 and by then all gens were popped. I did however have a Feng hooked and I came up with a plan. Whoever gets the Feng is going to get Tier 3'ed and it just so happened to be a flashlight wielding Ace with the robe just like Tru3 is wearing. I had 99'ed Tier 3 and after the unhook I got the final percent and then did the mori. Yeah it was my only kill but man I had a blast doing it.

  2. The state of this game is totally disgusting, I’m killer main but never use to be but how quick you can get gens done now is unbelievable.. I’ve had enough now of the game and uninstalled it but the survivors should not have an advantage over killer end of


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