Random Killer & Perks Roulette Ep. 29! | Dead by Daylight Builds

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Idk what to make the descriptions of these anymore. It’s pretty obvious what it is. Random stuff. Random killer/perks/addons/offerings. I think I’m suppose to just write words here to help with youtube search results


See you nerds in Hollywood cause this shit is about to make ya boi famous.

Website that I use for randomization – https://dbd-randomizer.com/

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47 thoughts on “Random Killer & Perks Roulette Ep. 29! | Dead by Daylight Builds”

  1. I’ve pulled people out of lockers trying to get hatchets a few times myself. Its always a why are you here when i grab them. I just wanted more hatchets. Now i have to deal with you and then get hatchets again.

  2. Honestly, if predator made scratches visible through grass it would at least be a good perk for noobs trying to learn how scratches work, which seems to be the purpose of perks like predator and bloodhound. Bloodhound should make injured survivors leave a small particle trail like Pyramid Head's torment.

  3. Before watching the video, hysteria on rpd could actually word with the different rooms and all so they hear your lullaby but they cant really hear from where that you are coming… sooo but thats before i watch the first game

  4. It's kinda crazy how much regression you got in that freddy game… Every hook was a scurge, and they were hooked like every 20 seconds or so (it seemed like), it was constant explosions

  5. 15:30 "It gave me head" lol
    Why is iri a no-no word? Yesterday I watched one Tofu video and the game censored "tbagging" in the end game chat but it didn't censor "shit" for some reason

  6. OHTOFU? Why would you expect a survivor just to give up and let you kill them at the end. Like COME ON! Obviously they won’t they do that. Literally a waste of time 🙄

  7. its nice to see you uploading again more, you were the first DBD Youtuber i watched when i was new to the game and learned a lot from you from perks to little killer tips thank you so much for your contribution to the community for not being an awsome content creator but also a good role model for the game and how to behave during frustrating moments and ur always calm. i wish a great year and hope to see you upload some more banger content

  8. The part I find extra funny is that the Claire saved her medkit for when her entire team died. If she’d used that to take aggro instead it could’ve given them a lot more gen time

  9. I want to say that it makes it kind of boring when you get the brown addon for Freddy. It's not verry fun to watch a video of basicaly a M1 killer. Maybe you should just don't pick some addon sometimes

    But still a good moment seing your videos, just wanted to make a feedback that's all



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