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For the 30 Days of Deathslinger Finale we have the Best Deathslinger build to show off and waited for the newest patch to make sure its all up to date! Now get out there and spear some survivors!

I hope you all are ready! Sit back and enjoy some Survivor massacre! Hope the dbd, dbd mobile Dead by daylight mobile, and dead by daylight crossplay communities all love the survivor gameplay and Rank 1 Deathslinger Gameplay!
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00:00 Perks Explained
01:53 Game 1
15:51 Game 2
23:12 Game 3
28:43 Game 4
37:22 Game 5


37 thoughts on “RED'S RANK 1 BEST DEATHSLINGER BUILD! – Dead by Daylight”

  1. Requested Build: Bubba's Fast Baked Chili Build.
    Scourge hook: Floods of Rage.
    Save the best for last.
    Addons. Iridescent Flesh. and Rusted Chains.
    thats some good cookin.

  2. I have to peeps I go to when I watch DBD, JRM for the survivor pov, and Red for my Killer POV. if I could see them in the same game would be epic. love your style bro. keep up the showcase of builds and showing us how to play killer. I myself have learned a lot from you.

  3. reds requested
    mach 10 legion build
    save the best for last
    play with your food
    nurses calling
    add ons
    mural sketch (yellow)
    never sleep pills (yellow)

  4. While I think this build is ok, I'm not sure it is the best deathslinger build. Pop frankly is just a bad perk when compared to other regression perks, Call of brine is good but probably falls off against highly coordinated survivors, and corrupt is pretty lacking on a killer who has such good 1v1 and its upside can be achieved through good game sense. STBFL is a very good perk though. My personal build that I have been using since the patch as a Deathslinger main is Jolt, pain resonance, STBFL, and starstruck. Jolt + pain res (if jolt hits the most progressed gen) is as good as pre nerfed pop, and any other gens jolt hits is gravy. Starstruck is honestly so good, if you ever hit a survivor who is exposed the game is basically over. And STBFL is obviously just an auto include.


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