Shattered Hope VALUE | Dead by Daylight

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Maybe this perk isn’t so bad!
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11 thoughts on “Shattered Hope VALUE | Dead by Daylight”

  1. Twins have attracted my attention, because they are the only Characters have embodied “two places at once” in a video game under one persons control. (And don’t send clips of Lego Games to me).

    Despite Victors limitations, they are a powerful duo!

    Also a question, what is your ethnicity Lynxi?

  2. Good stuff. Shattered Hope LIVES on my twins, permanently now. I don't even care if nobody boons, I still feel better having it. Just in case. I truly feel like it was added mostly for them, since BHVR loves their perk based bandaid solutions. In this case, though, it's working- night and day now that we have it.

  3. I feel bad for survivors when I'm Twins. Not because I'm the best or anything, but because I use the same cosmetics and usually the same perks as Lynxi, so when they wreck me and escape they are excited all game like "I'm escaping Lynxi, best Twins main in the world, EZ LET'S GO!!!!" But then see it was me at the end and it's like "aw man, now what am I gonna put on Youtube."


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