SLUG ONLY TOXIC GHOSTFACE BUILD – Dead by Daylight | 30 Days of Ghostface – Day 9

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Dead by Daylight New Killer for 30 day series is 30 Days of Ghostface! Day 9! Today’s build is a slug only build where the rule is simple no hooking survivors til all survivors are downed, this will also show the power behind slugging itself! Dead by Daylight Resident evil comes out in a week and i hope you are all ready after the dbd new killer trickster was quite the disappointment! I hope you all are ready! Sit back and enjoy some Survivor massacre! Hope the dbd, dbd mobile Dead by daylight mobile, and dead by daylight crossplay communities all love the survivor gameplay and Rank 1 Ghostface Gameplay!
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11 thoughts on “SLUG ONLY TOXIC GHOSTFACE BUILD – Dead by Daylight | 30 Days of Ghostface – Day 9”

  1. On the Ninth day of Ghostmas, my streamer gave to me:

    Nine Slugs Crawling,

    Eight Screams for Ghostie, Seven entities blocking,

    Six Ghostlock builds, Five Adept wins,

    Four pallets melting, Three Claudette Selfies,

    Two Hawkins matches and A Devil Stalking in a Factory

  2. If I was going to use a slugging build, I'd replace nurse's calling and lethal pursuer with hex third seal and hex undying to make it even harder for survivors to find each other

  3. Loving the series and this build with some gen defense could prove useful for my ghostface trails with the brutal add on combination outdoor security camera and chewed pen


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