STANDING UP TO THE NEMESIS! (only on DBD!) – Dead by Daylight!

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13 thoughts on “STANDING UP TO THE NEMESIS! (only on DBD!) – Dead by Daylight!”

  1. Chad RE3 nemesis: can jump and zoom around, catches up very quickly, even shotguns and rockets don’t do anything, tunnels Jill but still respected, RUTHLESS

    Virgin DBD nemesis: stunned by wooden object, blinded by one (1) flashlight, more afraid of survivors than survivors are afraid of him, nerfed recently, tunnels Jill and is called toxic in end-game chat

  2. Imagine if Blizzard came out and said " we have decided to not allow overwatch players to see how many SR points they have accumulated in competitive play because we dont want our players to have Egos" i lose braincells at the thought that these people are behind Dbd.


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