Stunning Killers With Head On – Dead By Daylight

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Hellow everyone in this video i decided to use deception and head on to stun and confuse killers. I did a video like this few days ago but decided to give it another try because this build is way too good.

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Dead by daylight, an asymmetrical horror game, I play at rank 1 with builds such as the solo getaway build or the impossible to hook me build, to juke killers at rank 1, I love to run killers for 5 gens at rank 1 and do challenges at rank 1, like no pallets at rank 1. Dead by daylight has some toxic survivors and toxic killers who run meta builds to gain an advantage, I like to play with fun builds and less op addons, op perks or op builds. Like the all seeing eyes build, efficient survivor build, the instant heal tank build and the most underrated perks in the game, I also use the infinite sprint burst and head on, builds like the vault speed build to avoid dedicated servers or bad hitboxes on windows and pallets. I use inspiration for some of my videos from other players like the jrm with his .exe videos and otzdarva with his win streaks, no0b3 with his once upon a toxic series and ayrun with the vault speed build. I usually play with nea karlsson or claudette morel. Rank reset is always scary, rank 20 vs rank 1 with brand new parts and flashlights. I always upload the new chapter, new survivor and new killer when it comes out with the new update. I love using techs like the dumb tech, ayrun tech, cj tech and the locker tech on DBD, hope you enjoy the video!


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  1. My taste in cosmetics is awful i know XD
    Also i want to let you know i'm getting a new mic next week so thank you for being patient with me <3


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