THAT SHOT WAS…DAMN! – Dead by Daylight!

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6 thoughts on “THAT SHOT WAS…DAMN! – Dead by Daylight!”

  1. Having to be healed to use boon is pretty shit because it kinda defeats the purpose of Circle of Healing…and that's bad game design IMO. I don't like the boons either but that gives me Fixated vibes before they fixed it. I think you should only be able to use the boons a certain number of times a match…. maybe 3? Or make it where a totem can only be blessed once.

  2. I think that if a killer snuffs a boon, it breaks the totem. This means there is a limited number of possible boons and it also encourages strategy because a killer could remove all good totems early into the match if the survivors aren't careful.

  3. I think there should more risk reward to boons either by limiting the amount of times you can boon, allowing a killer a killer to get a perk back if you boon there hex or destroying the totem when you snuff out a boon, but it is ironic that boons have made noed a much more useful option


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