The 10 Most Overpowered ADD-ONS in Dead by Daylight’s History!

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Hey everyone, let’s talk about some of Dead by Daylight’s most powerful add-ons throughout its near 6-year history. Let’s get into it.

Chapter 23 has been announced! It’s Ringu, a licensed chapter releasing in March of 2022. For now we have no further details.

Music used from YouTube Audio Library:
The Emperor’s Army – Jeremy Blake
Clean and Dance – An Jone

Hope you enjoy!

Insta-heal clip, credit (Ali):
Old Brand New Part clip, credit (AshBashio):
Carbuertor Tuning Guide x Primer Bulb Billy clip, credit (Alexicon):

Dead by Daylight Wiki (very helpful and a ton of cool stuff and secrets on there):

Intro 0:00
Iridescent Head (1.6.0) 0:07
Swing Chains (3.1.0) 1:15
Prayer Beads Bracelet (2.3.0) 2:38
Anti-Haemorrhagic Syringe (1.8.2) 3:32
Campbell’s Last Breath (1.1.0) 4:19
Judith’s Tombstone (5.3.0) 5:11
Coxcombed Clapper (2.2.0) 6:14
Brand New Part (1.0.0) 7:14
Carburetor Tuning Guide (1.0.0) 7:56
Honourable mentions 9:00
Scalped Topknot (3.4.0) 9:06
Outro 9:58


20 thoughts on “The 10 Most Overpowered ADD-ONS in Dead by Daylight’s History!”

  1. yeah, no way in hell old syringe and BNP, as well as current myer's iridescent add-ons and huntress's old iridescent hatchets wern't gonna make this list. the only ones that remain are myer's add-ons, and i kinda get why. because it really makes you fear the shape. the rest were just kinda game breaking, unfun, and unfair to go up against.

  2. i think the wraith addons are fairly balanced, largely because theyre on, well, wraith. hes not really strong enough to abuse them, and dedicated servers make grabbing survivors very difficult

  3. I think tombstone piece is better than the whole tombstone, stalk for a decent amount of time, get to 99% to tier 3, hook someone in tier 2 and camp, pop tier 3 if they come for the save, slug the rescuer before he gets save off, than pop tier 3 and stab who ever came near by.

    Or just stalk asap and kill someone before the first gen pops, not likely but not impossible either


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