The "MEGA GEN RUSH" Build – Dead By Daylight

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Doing gens, you?

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40 thoughts on “The "MEGA GEN RUSH" Build – Dead By Daylight”

  1. Amazing how 90% of survivor gameplay its literally holding one button to win:
    —Do Gens
    —Open gates and chest

    Even your second chances come all by holding one button, no wonder why most players play survivor.
    And chases are not that different, just camp pallets and drop them with one button again ;v i mean there is always 3 or 4 pallets/windows every 2 centimeters so requires 0 skill to loop.

  2. I've got a better one. sacrifice the speed boosts from resilience and overzealous, but instead, squeeze as much value out of prove thyself as possible.
    Prove Thyself
    Stiuational awareness.
    So basicaly, if you're on a gen, they see the gen with situational awareness, boosted with open-handed, at 48m.
    Bond + Open handed, so you can see survivors from 52 meters. So it becomes really easy to co-ordinate solo queue survivors to group up on gens, so you're basically always using Prove thyself.
    I've road-tested this build, and oh boy, does it work.

  3. I love generators so much. I love it so much when they go skrrrt brbrbrbrb. I love it when I see the progress bar go yellow and the gen skill check goes b-ahhhh b-ding when I hit that great skill check. I love doing generators so much I wish there were 10 or more gens required to power the exit gate so I can hear more of those lovely noises. I love the way the little pistons go pshphsphsphsphs when the gen is almost finished. I wish I could have a DBD generator in my house without filling my house with toxic fumes so I can kick it, have it regress, and then start repairing it again all by myself. I carry a toolbox outside with me in case anybody needs a generator repaired so I can hear the bwooooooooooooiiiiiii of the exit gates being powered. The fact that my survivor buddies can do gens without me makes me so angry you wouldn't believe it, at least let me get that final bit of gen progress so I can see the gen light up like a firefly. It pains me to see a gen kicked with pop, the way it sparks almost makes me cry, but knowing I can do another 25% gen repair on it makes up for it. I love generators.

  4. Instead of using no mither you should use build to last. You get injured anyway in the Match at some point and you don't need a Perk for that. Build to last gives you 2 extra toolboxes

  5. 🤣Thanks for the laughs. Gens are already too fast and it's looking like big nerfs are coming for gen defense perks, I'm actually kinda worried about how fast the games are gonna go. Great video though, Tombstone the gen rushers, absolutely perfect ending!

  6. I have another build that is basically “Screw your gen regression perks”
    Repressed Alliance: No Pop, CoB, DG. Rookie Spirit: Oh you want that gen to regress? Good to know.
    Stake Out: Oh no, Call Of Brine? Whatever shall I do repairing this generator efficiently without worrying about the good skill checks tipping off the killer? Oh yeah. All skillchecks are great. (:

  7. I mean, the solution would be instead of running no mither just run an exhaustion perk – you won't be injured the whole time for resilence but you could take a random body block AT THE BEGINNING of the game and accomplish the same thing. If the killer finds you it won't matter regardless of what perk what you have.

    P.S Alternative solution, run "for the people" to injure yourself while healing someone else.


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