The Secret Nurse Tech

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SO I found a new nurse tech in dead by daylight which can be really useful and help you out in your games! – I stream daily over here – To keep up with new streams/videos – My discord, best way to contact me or chill with the community!

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37 thoughts on “The Secret Nurse Tech”

  1. This video is not about that you can look down to shorten your blink, this is about the fact that you can look straight up to shortern your blink by 4/5 meters when fully charged 🙂

  2. Great fact. Helps a lot in Nurse games.
    My only problem is that the 1 Billion play hours Ace players are moving so good that i can't catch them 4 out of 5 times even tho i should habe hit that.
    Another problem is to decide when to predict and when to blink to the place you have seen them before.

  3. A few years ago, there was a nurse tech/ bug that allowed you to transition your blink charge animation into an M1 attack without actually blinking, I wonder if it's still a thing

  4. This has been in for quite a while i learned about it about 4-5 months ago but who knows how long it was a thing before that. Its definitely a good trick tho for those who dont know it!


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