The Secret Pain Resonance Buff!

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So Behaviour released a new patch for dead by daylight on Tuesday in which they shadow buffed Scourge: Pain Resonance, so I decided to show off and test out the changes! – I stream daily over here – To keep up with new streams/videos – My discord, best way to contact me or chill with the community!

In this video, I won’t be tormenting my friends as killer, i will be bringing up the hacking issue in dead by daylight, this is a problem any streamer or youtuber doing a streak will face, whether you’re otzdarva getting 50 wins in a row / win streak with nemesis or no0b3 escaping 50 times in a row, this is scaring twitch streamers. The survivors don’t need to be a 10,000 hour pro team if they can hide their cheats well enough. I will be running the sweatiest build on killer for this (Nurse). I won’t be running any moris or mori animations. Unfortunately the last clip isn’t the 2 killers vs 8 survivors. I don’t think this is the best build on nurse. This definitely isn’t the lowest mmr, most likely the highest possible. Let’s see if we will collect any salt from these hackers. The last clip is 3 killers in one match, not 2 killers in one match, THREE! Nurse is the best killer on the killer tier list. These games are funny random moments from my twitch stream where I play dead by daylight!

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22 thoughts on “The Secret Pain Resonance Buff!”

  1. What I reckon has happened, is the devs didn't want to code a new way to be interrupted on the gen for pain resonance alone, so they just made it so the survivor screams, which interrupts them, but it uses the scream similar to the nurses gasp add on, which doesn't give a notification.

    Not realising that scream still gives information, and almost reverting all the changes they already made.

    But that's just my theory.

  2. It’s because of the bug that it was causing with monstrous storm or whatever the skill checks at 90% perk because it was regressing the gen and giving a ton of skill checks so this kicks them off and stops the skill checks

  3. Now is time for the overcharge nerf which is also a “Jack of all trades” 200% manual Gen regress,”Difficult” skill check,Being able to put on multiple gens (After cooldown) & Also for some reason being active even when the Gen has 0 progress and then Off the Record which is three perks into 1 (Distortion,Old Iron Will,And 80Secs of BT) Their Logic behind of not wanting a perk A jack of all trades and proceeding to make updates to perks which Go back on what they say

  4. They have edited the patch notes. It says they scream but it does not show the auras. I am assuming they edited it since that is what the patch notes say. There is not a "no reason" behind it like you said. They took that part out because they wanted to experiment with what we currently have now.. Thus the change when they figured it was a bit more "balanced" as far as they see it.

    Now I say they could have edited the notes because it does mention that there are screams but no aura. ( Or you where mistaken and just did not read it all for one reason or another. ) They nerfed part of the perk ( progression wise ) but then gave it half of what it used to have with the scream thing. Since they used to scream and have a aura for a little bit of time. Basically a give and take sort of thing…

  5. 4k’d today with nurse with 3 gens remaining and a salty kid texted me saying i play nurse bc im bad at the game and that apparently unless you can get a 4k with nurse with 5 gens remaining you’re bad at the game and at nurse🤷🏻‍♂️ told him to get good and i said bye and bro said “yeah good boy take your L” i was speechless

  6. i think what they shouldve done w pain res is remove survivor screams all together but give you the notification of the gen that was damaged cuz thats the most important part to me

  7. Yeah, they were saying that they added the scream back just without the notification bubble, basically to make it so it wouldn't work with merciless storm, because it made merciless storm last a pretty long time with up to like 40 skill checks. As a result, they nerfed dead man's switch.

  8. even without the scream the kicking off the gen part of the perk is very busted, paired with surveilence you can always see where there are people to intterrupt. especially annoying if you want to pair it with dms.


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