The Unbreakable Devour Hope Build | Dead by Daylight Killer Gameplay

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Trying out a fun killer build that revolved around Hex: Devour Hope, and making sure that nobody ever cleanses it. Except there’s a catch.

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33 thoughts on “The Unbreakable Devour Hope Build | Dead by Daylight Killer Gameplay”

  1. I don't know about the 'die in a way that is fun' part. I get that devour is super fun as the killer. But damn, it is such a miserable perk to play against. I would take star struck every single day over devour because at least you know that you can do something to avoid it. For me this and noed are such feel bad perks to encounter hahaha. Love the vid tho, fun to watch 😛

  2. I think it's only fair that if you're going to do a build like this that's going to destroy survivors to bring cake or streamers……. And I say this not because I pity survivors but because it drives me crazy that you have so many and that will probably never ever all get used in this lifetime

  3. Fun build! IMO I think the Drop of Perfume(Survs oblivious near Victor) might be better than the Pendant since you'll be getting exposed on everyone anyways with Devour, and the Perfume can help you sneak up on Survs if they try cleansing without kicking Victor. Madeline's Glove(+4m to Victor's detect range) would be good for getting an earlier warning too, and throwing Survs off if they actually know to crouch since they won't anticipate the range and start crouching too late. Though with how rare Twins are, the number of Survs that actually know how to crouch near Victor is low enough that any Survs that would even think to crouch while anticipating range add-ons would be on an existential level higher than God himself.

  4. How is it he's got snow men? I haven't seen any in like a week.
    Also devour is one of my favorite perks but my lit totem always spawns in the survivors butts and they just take a big ol dump right on it.


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