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This Dead by Daylight Trail of Torment makes legion feel like a true assassin!
I hope you all are ready! Sit back and enjoy some Survivor massacre! Hope the dbd, dbd mobile Dead by daylight mobile, and dead by daylight crossplay communities all love the survivor gameplay and Rank 1 Legion Gameplay!
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17 thoughts on “TRAIL OF TORMENT LEGION BUILD IS CRACKED! – Dead by Daylight”

  1. Hey there how is it going friend?? I wanted to let someone know that the devs lied to everyone about how they said they fixed an issue to stop cheating player's when the devs lied.. my first match tonight and it was my first match in 4 days and after update.. well my first match in I ran into a cheater, because you know that your supposed to gain progress on gens, when hitting the skill checks, well instead of me gaining progress on the gens, I was losing progress on gens every time I hit a skill check!!!

  2. 12:18
    Give up against The Legion?
    Don't get me wrong, The Legion is strong but the fact that you can DC against cute teens is so funny))
    Especially when people disconnect against The Susie))

  3. there was a bit in the 2nd game where reds addon showed 3 gens with alot of red. He then kicks (with pop and oppression) and like 1 min later power shows them all white. Either kick regresses faster then I think or Pop applies to oppression kicks around the map. Anyone tell me which it is?


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