EVERY Single Nurse Bug In Dead by Daylight

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After getting blink bugged multiple times on stream, and having multiple Nurse bugs sent to me over the past few weeks I decided to compile them all into one …


22 thoughts on “EVERY Single Nurse Bug In Dead by Daylight”

  1. No fatigue, no blink hand – 0:25
    3 different charging animations – 1:15
    Blinking into walls/objects – 2:12
    Floating after blinking – 2:58
    Blinking mid fatigue after a stun – 3:46
    Looking up in fatigue – 4:11
    M1 Bug – 4:39
    Up/down blinks – 5:11
    'Blink bug' – 5:48
    Hitboxes – 6:38
    Fatigue sprint burst – 7:24
    (GAME BREAKING) Carrying a non-existent survivor – 7:58
    Swinging whilst charging second blink – 8:46

  2. Wooden Horse addon bug too! The addon incorrectly removes the fatigue after succeeding on a blink hit, giving the survivors very little distance when they get injured.

  3. That carrying a survivor bug happened to me once while I was playing bubba. Chose not to dc and had to wait like 10 minutes for the bot survivors to just leave the game. Most infuriating thing I've experienced in this game for sure

  4. Not sure if anyone else has picked up on this as well, but I keep getting my second blink stolen after doing one blink – and I know I lose it because I purposely wait to get both blinks back.

    Thanks for the clarification over these bugs, it reassures me I don’t just suck 50% of my games. ❤️

  5. isn’t the fact that i'm unable to lunge out of a blink 99% of the time, a bug? ive tried on PC and console to do a lunge right after a blink and it only works like once every 20 times i try lmao.

  6. I think the first bug was created by survivors DC'ing while you find them in a locker. I have seen people done it on Blight, it fixed his short POV and made his left hand disappeared, also his right hand is also placed as if he is carrying a survivor. He can do lunges though.


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