Extremely POSITIVE Changes Coming for Dead by Daylight!

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Hey everyone. Today we got a lot of big news for Dead by Daylight, and I wanted to share my thoughts and just the positive feelings for this update that I’m feeling. We really got a lot of stuff that we’ve been asking for, for such a long time now.

At the time of this video’s release Chapter 32 has been announced as Dungeons & Dragons! The PTB is out and the new killer is Vecna, as well as an elf Survivor and castle map!

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D&D Chapter 0:14
Magical Items 1:29
2v8 Mode 1:41
Finisher Moris 2:02
Cross Progression 2:32
DbD Spin-offs 3:02
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38 thoughts on “Extremely POSITIVE Changes Coming for Dead by Daylight!”

  1. I really hated how when they announced only the first 5 killers were available in 2v8 people in the chat just started spamming L. Theres a reason its only 5. With all 30+ killers, it would never work and never properly balance

  2. I just hate that they keep restricting game modes, like the fact that in 2v8 you can play only a few killers and there cannot be 2 the same killers, this mode is gonna die so quickly :C

  3. Honestly for years now ive been absolutely dreading a 2v8 mode because jesus the opportunity for absolute bull on both sides of the isle with full perks and all the killers is just. Death of DBD level awful. Player base split between a nightmare hellscape of unintended combo's like plague oni or docpig. Or getting 3 survivors blinding your ass because your partner is corralling the 4 gen jockeys across the map. Or the unimaginable combos through glitches.
    But this sanded down beta mode? Heavily regulated perks and powers? Actually sounds fun

  4. Cross progression is at the very least going to get me back for a bit and i've been prepared for this. Everything else in this update also sounds super exciting as well, I'm glad that BhVR is being able to bring things to this community that they have been waiting for, for so long

  5. Just to stay grounded, here's a short list of positive changes that have no indication of coming to Dead by Daylight:
    1, The health of the game being prioritized, or even understood, by the people making it.
    2, Over two-hundred perks in the game; maybe 15 actually good perks on each side.
    3, 0-effort approach to dealing with cheats and bugs; placing unreasonable amount of responsibility on the players to test the game.
    4, Dishonest sale tactics, which include sneaky shit like saying in a Dev AMA: "oh no, badges and banners won't be PAID cosmetics," then locking 90% of them behind a paywall, labelled "free with purchase."

    The only reason player are THIS happy about this stuff is because the devs have spent the past 8 years putting as little effort into the game as possible, and so it's like giving a starving man a piece of bread…it's gonna be the most delicious meal he's ever eaten.

  6. I would love them to add the Subnautica man as just like a one character chapter, it’s basically a horror game and there’s not many ocean like characters. He’s also literally a survivor.


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