Far too Much Bite the Bullet Value – Dead by Daylight

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27 thoughts on “Far too Much Bite the Bullet Value – Dead by Daylight”

  1. I used to love running this, but lately my teammates straight up lead the killer magically to where i'm healing in such a way that they see me in the corner of their screen so I have sadly switched to iron will 🙁

  2. not automatically exchanging on first hook was painful to watch… also I can't get why so many survivors mess up their hook game, you literally shouldn't go above 1/4 of unhooking bar and fake it until you make it, because you always can allow killer to grab you on last 10 seconds if you want to

  3. Hi Scott, if I may ask, how did you know as a survivor that the killer has undying? I’m a killer main and play survivor maybe 25% of the time so forgive me, I just had no clue that survivors could know when a killer is running Undying.

  4. There is always something fun about doing some goofy shit and then seeing it work out
    Great vid

    And great shining example of solo queue being absolutely based. It's so sad people genuinely play solo queue with the desire to escape when you can win already with the entertainment teammates give.

  5. That pinhead had serious tunnel vision.

    Was playing with a few friends and came across a trickster who would only chase me for ages, then when he downed and hooked me, literally camped my hook the whole match.

    My friends ended up repairing all the generators and opening the exit gate costing that killer the match in exchange for 1 person 🤷‍♂️

  6. Perfect showcase of one of the many reasons I quit this game:
    Want to stray away from the survivor meta and run a build that's fun and unexpected?

  7. Poor Buddy just wanted more love. 🙁

    Honestly it's easy to forget Bite The Bullet also removes the sound of healing actions as well. I kept wondering how it's better than Iron Will when that occurred to me.


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