If I Lose, Otz Owns My Twitter – Dead by Daylight

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Otzdarva’s AFK challenge requires you to play perk-less & add-on-less whilst giving the survivors a 30-second head start. I raise the stakes by giving Otzdarva control of my Twitter bio if I don’t achieve a 3K in 80% of my matches!

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00:00 – Intro
00:46 – Sadako
06:12 – Myers
08:34 – Trapper
10:51 – Trickster
12:12 – Ghost Face
15:20 – Demogorgon
19:43 – Pig
21:42 – A TWIST!
22:27 – Deathslinger
25:49 – Freddy
32:20 – Legion

Edited by: @Diff3RentBreed

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45 thoughts on “If I Lose, Otz Owns My Twitter – Dead by Daylight”

  1. The game with Freddy was so deserved… I am a Survivor Main myself, but this is just making me ashamed of my fellow survivors. They are sweating that hard, are toxic but Fall for the simplest mindgame…

  2. I have an idea for hardcore killer. You could do hardcore stealth killers (ghostface, myers, onryo, and wraith) hardcore chainsaw killers, hardcore speed killers (blight, billy, legion, oni) or hardcore ranged killer (trickster, deathslinger, huntress and maybe pyramid head)

  3. It's funny how Otz says that you have to play to perfection to just make it not super easy for survivors. He makes it seems like it's a good thing lol.
    at least that is what the out of context clips sugest.


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