LETS WATCH HOW THEY DO! – Dead by Daylight!

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13 thoughts on “LETS WATCH HOW THEY DO! – Dead by Daylight!”

  1. i prefer to potentially die but trying to help a teammate rather than just escaping. It is more fun like that. Even try helping if a killer camps unless is a leatherface who camps

  2. Anyone understands this game: Survivors played very not-good (yeah, we can't use the word bad because of their egos) during the end game

    Devs, survivor-mains, and viewers of survivor-main-streamers: kIlLeR oP, gAmE iS bAlAnCeD, iF yOu cAn'T gEt 3k aS dEmO, u bAd

  3. If the whole team dies I honestly feel if your productive, your mmr value should go up. If you've been in chase, doing gens, healing people, or if you've been getting flashlight saves etc. But if you've done sweet fa, missed a bunch of flashlight saves and escape. Then your mmr for that game should be go down as your value in that particular game was nothing. Same goes for urban evaders. If your lurking on the edge of the map not being productive but escape. Your mmr should go down as your value to the team was low.

    Killers camping and you just stand watching lurking. Mmr should go down. You ain't helping.

    Yes teams will absolutely thrash killer. But at least they can start buffing killers again. At least the old rank system encouraged survivors to get busy!


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