NEW Gen Kicking Killer Meta – Dead by Daylight

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DOWSEY showcases how strong Overcharge, Call of Brine, Eruption & Pop Goes The Weasle is…

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36 thoughts on “NEW Gen Kicking Killer Meta – Dead by Daylight”

  1. TL:DW – It's a lot.
    Overcharge + Call of Brine stack for up to 500% regression (1.25x survivor gen speed)
    Eruption for 10% regress + 25s Incapacitated (remember gens now take 90s)
    Pop Goes The Weasel for 20% current-gen progress
    2.5% max gen progress as base kit
    10% gen kick speed increase.

  2. I mean, i was a killer that didn't camp or tunnel, so there is even less of an incentive to do it now.

    I guaranty that new rules will be added to the survivor rulebook.

    Dead Hard is dead, there is a reason to kick gens now, and now excited to play the game again.

  3. I am going to be pretty happy with the change. Even if survivors are still overpowered, which we don't really know yet, it will be nice to just have a change of pace honestly. Games been stale for a while now.

  4. Survivors have a 5 hit meta how tf are you supposed to get any fucking downs to get any value out of eruption and with competent swf’s it will could be even longer

  5. This comment section has a scarily large amount of people who seem to be missing the point of Dowsey's video, instead just pointing out how they destroyed survivors with this or a similar build. Truthfully I don't think BHVR has properly realized the extent of the perk changes they introduced, not to mention the fact that camping was not addressed at all in this update and if anything was buffed by the increased generator times. This new update might be the weirdest one they've ever done, considering that they wanted to shake up the meta, but it will most likely become more stale.

  6. Man, I can't wait until I go back to the generator I left at 85 charges a second ago to rescue someone about to die only to find out it's now at negative charges 😍
    There's a bunch of maps where 3 gens are very close together near the center. If you don't do at least two of those early on you pretty much lost the game with a build like this.

  7. What if they add one more gen to each map? It turns "3 gen'ing" to "4 gen" and gives way for a more favorable scenario in late game if all survivors are still alive. The potential for all survivors to be working on one of the last 4 gens. Say one gets in chase another can body block. Then say that doesn't go well, the third can go help, all the while the last survivor at least has the opportunity to make the game enter end game. There is definitely some nuance to this. But I think it's a fair solution instead of just reverting gen kick changes

  8. So now survivor and killer have way more busted perks DH + Off the record + etc makes everyone facestank killer and Call of brine + Pop + etc makes a 90 sec gen imposible to repair thx BHVR

  9. This is cool and all but we need to see hwo the survivors will adapt to it. What will it be like when survivors know how to use their new perks properly. In my opinion, this meta shake up is definetly going to affect how survivors play more than killers. This looks strong now but it is also the honeymoon phase of the ptb. I can't wait to see how both sides will adapt.

  10. This game and the survivor one with endurance made both sides look busted, so I'm not sure what to think yet. But I do worry that this is going to make already tedious 3 gen scenarios completely hopeless for survivors. I'm glad they're shaking up the current stale meta, but I hope they'll continue to make changes to move towards a game where most perks can see legitimate play, not just a new handful of objectively best perks.

  11. I’ll be honest. These new changes don’t seem worth it. They’re making all the past issues kinda worse. Now survivors can take 5 hits and a killer can go around killing gens.

  12. did some experimenting with the survivor perks that got reworked and learned that renewal doesnt cancel the endurance effect of off the record. Im gonna be honest the game is gonna get a bit boring if killers just run gen kick builds and survivors just run endurance/insta heal builds.

  13. Maybe people will wanna play killer now that dead hard is gone and you can actually regress gens without the typical perk suspects.
    Survivors might have to be strategic now for once.


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