Our 80+ Survivor Winstreak | S1:E1 | Dead by Daylight

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Huge Thanks to FireLily for making the Intro!
Huge Thanks to @Ev3ntic for making the insane thumbnail!
Do you want more of this, I would appreciate feedback for this series! Thanks for watching ❤️

I stream 5 times a week at https://www.twitch.tv/hens333

Community Discord: https://discord.gg/MfnbrEVkPQ

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29 thoughts on “Our 80+ Survivor Winstreak | S1:E1 | Dead by Daylight”

  1. wow that's a high effort video, very good job, i enjoyed watching it. would love for you to keep this series going.

    i can't watch on fridays, but i always make sure to watch the vod. !theboys are very entertaining.

    i don't know if you want to keep going with the subtitles, since a part of the video has them and others don't. they are for sure a lot of effort to put in a video. if you want i can send you a program that basically let's you upload an audio file and puts it into text for you. not sure how good it is with dbd vocabulary tho xD or just text me, i can also help transcribing.

    the only thing that bothers me, and that's complaining on a high level, are the different audio settings and voice levels, depending on which pov we are on. i understand that !theboys don't have their audio split and their gamesound is important, that just might be an improvement for a future season.

    good luck with the streak going forward and may all the double range nurses dodge you xD

  2. Near-tournament style rules, epic!
    It's really cool seeing content focusing what survivors can accomplish with coordination and teamwork rather than just running the strongest perks and items 😃

  3. I hate to be that 'guy' but I'm assuming the two dead hards from Lumpy and Dan weren't intentional based on your rules earlier? Either way it's a brilliantly video Hens! Keep it up and I look forward to lurking in your next stream.

  4. Hens the intro alone killed me LOL. Really fun to watch, my brother asked me if you guys have an overall strategy. Such as who's mainly on gens and who's designated for saves. Or if you guys are improvising based on perks through out the match.


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