Ruleset/Format Explanation for Swish's Dead by Daylight Tournament 2

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This video was made after week two, and at certain parts shows the results of the matches that have already been played. If you don’t want the first 2 weeks spoiled, watch this video viewing the matches.

Hey dudes, this is just a quick video I threw together cause I heard a lot of people wanted some more clarification on how everything worked with the tournament, especially when it comes to how points are scored, and killer selection.

For more info on the tournaments rules + teams, check out this doc. Perks/items listed are bans when that killer is played.

Here’s a handy lil table of timestamps to get the exact info you want.

0:00 – Intro
0:38 – Scoring
1:56 – Killer Selection
6:28 – Double Elimination Explanation

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  1. Yo I check YouTube for a video before I go to bed and this beautiful man has (suspiciously) posted at the perfect time once again, thank you frienderino 🥰 loveeee the swish comp streams as well! Keep up the great work ❤


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