This Nea was a total CHAD [Dead By Daylight #23]

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Most of the time in solo queue, you get someone who has no idea what they’re doing. But every now and then, you get someone like this Nea…

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31 thoughts on “This Nea was a total CHAD [Dead By Daylight #23]”

  1. Thanks for editing the flashback from a minute earlier in the video. By that point I had zero recollection of what had happened and appreciated reminding me what he said.

  2. This is bananas! Thank you for the upload and thank you to your editor for the lingo definitions! I'm always so forgetful about the terms but it helps keep me immersed and informed! I'm loving that John also highlights awesome moments outside of his own experiences. Thanks again!

  3. The worst part about Wolfe's Law is how painfully predictable it is. DS gamers really do enjoy living their lives orbiting around their killer bait, then they get huffy when it fails for one reason or another.

  4. The prediction on the Claudette being dead on the mark was gold (John's reaction when his prophecy came true lmao), but ofc the best part of the video was the second match with all the twists and turns that game took – that Nea!! HERO Nea! (Also like John explaining why he changed his mind on not doing the second-story gen on the Dead Dawg map first, looking forward to that series for new survivor players.)

  5. So I don't know the game that well (nor play it), and I get why tunneling is so hated, but is it not a legitimate strategy to tunnel someone? Especially annoying survivors who are actively being a nuisance or using certain perks to to bully the killer? I'm just curious honestly.


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