This PTB was kinda crazy… | Dead by Daylight

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0:00:00 New fastest gate speed
0:00:16 New DS against Nurse
0:00:28 New speed bonuses stacked
0:01:18 New WGLF + For the People
0:01:37 Turning mid-Dead Hard
0:01:46 Golden portraits (legacy P3 reward)
0:01:53 Buffed Lightweight in indoor map
0:02:07 Buffed Botany + Circle of Healing
0:02:47 Nerfed Iron Will vs Spirit
0:04:16 Gift of Pain + Thana slowdown
0:04:54 Lethal Pursuer secondary effect
0:07:53 Nerfed Self-care vs. buffed Coulrophobia

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20 thoughts on “This PTB was kinda crazy… | Dead by Daylight”

  1. I’m pretty sure the reason for the p3 reward not being an actual legacy skin and being so disappointing is that they said they didn’t want to split the community, which if you think about it makes no sense because not only has the twisted masquerade split the community but so did the previous anniversary event crowns and lunar new year skins this year. By that logic they split the community every 3 months with new rifts (talking about the charms not even mentioning the skins and recolors you can’t buy yet) so I don’t see what the problem would’ve been with making a cosmetic and the portraits are a reused effect with the store sparkles when a sale is happening.

    And if they wanted to reuse something if you brought back old legacy then completionists who like having everything on a single character like myself would be happy the people who lost their legacy would be happy because they’d have it back and I’m not sure how actual legacy players who still have it would react mostly because I think that there are very few of them

    But at the end of the day I’m no game designer idk how hard doing that would actually be but the code is there the reward just doesnt feel worth the 3 years I put into it, I’ll leave it on most likely but it’ll be a reminder not to get too excited when they say they’re going to reward seasoned players

  2. I'm still thinking about the off the record change and I think i have a good way to nerf it
    A. Basic but simple, if you get healed you lose the effect
    B. More thematic, if you exit the killers terror radius, you lose tge effect because then you're probably going to be safe

  3. Can’t complain about Iron Will. Instead of completely silent all the time it’s very quiet when not exhausted. I mean mission accomplished, if you want people to run it less, that’s the way to do it.

  4. Is the golden portrait everything?
    Is… is that all??

    Are you kidding me bhvr???

    Yes, I know that we were told to keep our expectaions low. And my expectations were low but holy fuck. Not even meming, I'm telling you: HOLY FUCK!
    It looks like Plague puked all over them. What the god damn fuck is that?
    I'm not asking for something like old legacy. Fuck, I don't even want a shitty charm, but what the hell? I have honestly zero words.

  5. Also people complaining about iron will the thing is ITS STILL decent it’s just not brain dead op now and people are already whining so much that’s a point of a nerf lol

    I do agree the exhaustion part of it is uanessacry fr tho!


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