TrU3Ta1ent Complaining about Build Because he lost – Dead by Daylight

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TrU3Ta1ent is such a manchild! Always complaining and crying! Here is one of many games of that. Enjoy!

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22 thoughts on “TrU3Ta1ent Complaining about Build Because he lost – Dead by Daylight”

  1. from all the perks out there 12 perks in this game that work for the killers and mos of them are anti gen rush or insta death like make your choice, noed and dragons grip THATS ALL

  2. Great job with thumbnails!
    One more thing that could be interesting as well. I see a lot of pitch-black backgrounds sometimes, and that would be more interesting if you take literally any background and blur it, make it darker and maybe even grayer, it would be a nice touch.
    As always, stay cool; at least you making me happy, and I really appreciate it!

  3. I'd have to disagree with this map being the fairest map. Size wise it's fine along with the tiles but Killers having access to basement a lot of the time makes it more basement killer sided.


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