Hex: Pentimento – Quest for 5 Stacks | Dead by Daylight

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DOWSEY attempts to get 5 Stacks of Pentimento in Dead by Daylight

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28 thoughts on “Hex: Pentimento – Quest for 5 Stacks | Dead by Daylight”

  1. Am I missing the point on that perk? I donโ€™t really know what benefits it gives you after you get 5 tokens. I thought if you got 5 tokens that all hex perks respawn and they canโ€™t destroy them anymore so you could still have value over them or something

  2. My build was Third eye and Undying along pentimento and plaything,
    the idea is undying allow me to see aura of dull totem… third eye blind survivor to their plaything totem…

  3. Amazing. I thought Demogorgon would be the best choice by setting portals by totems, but pulling it off with Hillbilly was awesome. And if you think about it, you needed to light them all before the last gen got completed but have the last gen get completed to get max value from Pentimento. I believe it's the 4th stack that makes them open the exit gates slower, and the 3rd makes them recover more slowly. So having slugs and chasing survivors off a worked on exit gate would be the ultimate showcasing of the perks power. You must be the greatest hockey player since Wayne Gretzky to pull off a four survivor rancor challenge and a 5 stacks of Pentimento challenge in such a short time frame.

  4. This is the exact same build I used to get 5 stacks when it first came out! I used Nurse though (vid on my page). I think it is the most consistent build.

  5. The effects of penti arent bad but do i chase survivors or go and kindle totems
    Killer is just not made for second objectives. Some matches i even ignore boons

  6. I was able to pull it off three times demo: plaything, retribution, blood favor, undying. Deathslinger: plaything, lullaby, undying, devour. And spirit: plaything, retribution, haunted ground, bloodfavor

  7. Did this many times, my favorite was trapper, Deadlock, Devour Plaything Pentimento. Got 5 stacks of devour, got my devour mori, and then a totem cleansing frenzy occured (this was at 2 gens left) And got my 5 stacks of pentimento. Got my final kill literally interrupting the door being opened. (so every part of my kit did something) Was super rewarding. It was also my first 5 stack game. We always remember our first fondly.

  8. I use plaything on Legion, that extra objective while you also have to mend is really powerful especially when paired with Blood Echo.

  9. Iโ€™m putting myself through hell trying to do this challenge and only this challenge without a killer that go cross map like this, because I lack the bp to try this but I will succeed!๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ


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