How Freddy Became The Weakest Killer In DBD

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Years ago, before his rework, Freddy Krueger was by far the weakest killer in Dead by Daylight. Yet somehow, BHVR still decided to hit him with HUGE nerfs, before reworking him years later.


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29 thoughts on “How Freddy Became The Weakest Killer In DBD”

  1. I really missed old Freddy. I played With Monitor, Knock out a lot. Good old built in deerstalker. Then they nerfed him two weeks later and I hate to run deerstalker for real.

  2. You know, when I think about this, what were they thinking back then? "Lets make a killer thats ability is that you have to wait to attack a survivor"

    Like honestly, they must've known nothing about the game back then, how does that get into the game?

  3. Pallet Freddy sucks. I mean yea it’s funny and all. But it’s not really not skilled. Snares is better cause you have to actually have to place them in a way it can force a pallet drop or a hit. Fake pallets just don’t give that satisfaction.

  4. Freddy should be immune to flashlights from awake Survivors, as he is in the dream world, and shouldn't be affected by real world stuff. Obviously he also would be immune to flashbangs and blast mines.

  5. He’s still quite low tier. They should make it so that you have both the snares and the fakes pallets. The snares do barely anything where as the fake pallets have ended so many chases.

  6. one time my brother said he had discounts and could buy me some dbd dlcs, and i begged him not to buy me freddy cause i didnt want to get freddy dailies. i would rather not have freddy's perks than to play freddy. he still gifted me freddy anyway

  7. For a change, how about this:

    Current freddy, but survivors don’t see him at all while awake (but still hear his terror radius). Remove the passive ability of putting survivors to sleep: They’re put to sleep when you hit them.
    Being asleep reduces healing, gens and cleansing/blessing totems speeds by 25%.
    Awake survivors cannot be afflicted with the Exposed status effect.

    I think it’ll make for more interesting games, choosing whether you want to know exactly where the killer is by being asleep, or without the speeds debuff by being awake.

  8. I remember the sharp hand joe days of DbD.
    As well as how much you used to quote that joke earlier in your YouTube career.

    I still wish they'd make an add on that turns Freddy into old Freddy.
    I used to play him tons just to learn chases as I had no power other than mind games to get hits.
    Good fun, even if you got darned on


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