Red's Requested RELAXED STARSTRUCK Trapper Build! – Dead by Daylight

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This requested build is a relaxed build to enjoy as you set up the survivors demise and this commenters build they got their first rank 1 with!

I hope you all are ready! Sit back and enjoy some Survivor massacre! Hope the dbd, dbd mobile Dead by daylight mobile, and dead by daylight crossplay communities all love the survivor gameplay and Rank 1 Trapper Gameplay!
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00:00 Build Breakdown
02:12 Trapper Gameplay


25 thoughts on “Red's Requested RELAXED STARSTRUCK Trapper Build! – Dead by Daylight”

  1. Red, just wondering, but are you ever merciful to survivors (besides letting them try to find the hatch, although never giving hatch)? You never seem interested in being playful or messing around. Just curious.

  2. Build Idea – Hot Potato
    Killer – Myers
    Addons – Judith's Journal, Fragrant Tuft of Hair
    Perks – Furtive Chase, Dying Light, Grim Embrace, Rancor

    The Obsession allows you to stalk faster, but changes hands as they are unhooked. Any non-Obsession suffers from Dying Light unless they want to take the Obsession's place. When the Gens are done, so is the Obsession.

  3. I have an idea for a build: Ninja Billy
    Hillbilly with addons being: Iridescent Brick and LoPro Chains
    Perks: Trail Of Torment, Tinkerer, Dark Devotion, Nemesis

    lets you sneak around as billy and surprise chainsaw people! Very fun build to try, and I hope you try it out 🙂

  4. Most evil build possible
    Killer – Trapper
    Hex Third Seal, Undying, KnockOut, Lethal Pursuer
    Addons: Iri brick, hooming stone
    Map: RPD

    Enjoy the ultimate auto slugging and trying to find teammates match

  5. I'm not really sure if you tried it but I would call it hatchet only huntress it's pretty basic

    BBQ and chilli
    Lethal pursuer
    Shadow born
    Iron Maiden

    Addos are whatever usually I would run machine gun huntress with this but whatever you want

  6. build idea : objective overload
    killer- pinhead
    perks- ( all hexes) pentimento, plaything, devour and finally thrill of the hunt

    add a third objective that always overwhelms a team, the plaything populates the map with hexes and devour forces them to do all the hexes. pentimento adds another 3-4 totems for them to do. combined with having to do the lament configuration and generators, survivors will be left with too much to do at once

  7. My Dredge “You Can’t Hide From Me. You Can’t Run From Me. Nothing Will Help You” Build

    – Darkness Revealed
    – Dissolution
    – Septic Touch
    – BBQ and Chili

  8. Try this build, not the best but I've created myself:-

    Build name – Door blocker

    Killer – Trapper

    Most suitable location – RAPD

    Perks – Agitation, Hex: Blood Favour, Hex: Undying & Hex: Retribution

    Add-ons – Bloody Coil & Honing Stone

    Method – Put trap on all door the center area of RAPD. Totem also considered as trap.

  9. Build request – Lay back.
    Killer – Deathslinger.
    Perks – Corrupt Intervention, Deadlock, Scourge Hook: Floods of Rage, BBQ & Chili.
    Add ons – of your choice.

    Generally just keeping the momentum going with the aura reading whilst you've got time bought with some slow down.

  10. A variant on this I think I’d try would be Agaitation, Starstruck, Pop Goes the Weasel and Call of Brine. The reason is, by not restricting your carries to Scourge Hooks, you can instead walk straight toward whatever the closest gen is that survivors are working on to get them in Starstruck range more often. And then since you’re going to be more likely to be in range of a gen worth kicking you can also get a lot of big regressions from Pop and Call of Brine in a single kick.

    As far as doing this on Trapper, it’s ok but he does lose a little synergy since it doesn’t matter whether or not someone is Exposed if they step in a trap. I could see this being a fun build on other pure basic attack killers who don’t have built in instant downs, though, like Sadako or Dredge or Clown, etc.


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